Recharge Centers

  • Cal Performances
  • California Institute for Quantitative Biosciences
  • Cancer Research Laboratory
  • Capital Strategies
  • Chemistry, College of
  • Earth and Planetary Sciences
  • Educational Technology Services
  • Electron Microscope Laboratory
  • Engineering, College Of
  • Environment, Health and Safety (EH&S)
  • Facilities Services
  • Fleet Services
  • GUMP Research Station
  • Helen Wills Neuroscience Institute
  • Information Services and Technology
  • Integrative Biology
  • International Office
  • Laboratory Animal Care, Office of
  • Letters and Science, College of
  • Library Bindery
  • Mail Services
  • Molecular and Cell Biology
  • Moving Services
  • Museum of Vertebrate Zoology Evolutionary Genetics Lab
  • Natural Resources, College of
  • Physics Department
  • Police Services, UC
  • Rental Storage
  • Seismology Lab: Geophysics Computing Laboratory (GCL)
  • Space Sciences Laboratory
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Approved FY2023-24 and Budgeted FY2024-25 to FY2026-27 Recharge Rates by Recharge Unit

FY2023-24 approved recharge rates and FY2024-25 to FY2026-27 rates for budgeting purposes only are at the following link:

FY2023-24 Approved Rates for use in the ledger

If you identify any rate changes to be made, please contact Herve Bruckert, Campus Finance Lead - Recharge, at

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Forms and Templates

Recharge Self Certification Forms for FY25 recharge rate budget

Certification Checklist Form (Excel)

Job Aid for Recharge Self Certification Form

Recharge self certification form job aid (Word)

Interdepartmental Forms

Instructions (Word)

Interdepartmental Form (Excel)

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Roles and Responsibilities

Divisional Finance Leader (DFL) Roles and Responsibilities

Coordinate with their recharge units to submit self-certification forms with an acknowledgment of Divisional review and approval.

Ensure that proposed ​​​​multi year recharge rates are considered in their division's budgeted recharge income, as appropriate.

Inform their primary campus clients of the new recharge dollar amounts once recharge rates are approved and discuss planned recharged volumes. This will help to ensure their clients' budgets accurately reflect the new values and campus-wide planned recharge income ties to planned recharge expenses.

Raise any questions about either rate certification or planning for recharge expenses to Hervé Bruckert at ​​​

Office of the CFO Roles and Responsibilities

Compile ​​multi year recharge rate submissions, prepare and share a schedule of budgeted rates with Divisional Finance Leaders (DFLs) by March ​each year​.

Conduct a review and analysis of divisional recharge rate submissions and follow-up with DFLs as needed.

Communicate rate decisions in June and post approved​ rates to the recharge webpage by the end of the second week of June.

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Recharge Training Workshops and Materials: Accounting for Transfer to Reserve, Permbudg, and Tempbudg Retirement

We will be offering two recharge training workshops in December. You will be able to sign up at the following links in November for the December training:

The recharge training and tempbudg and permbudg retirement files are:

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If you have any questions about recharge activities, please email Hervé Bruckert, Assistant Director of Recharge and CBR, at