Faculty Relocation Reimbursement

Budget and Financial Operations provides relocation reimbursement to Departments for newly hired faculty. The specifics of a reimbursement are outlined in each respective Offer of Appointment, and may include travel, household, and/or laboratory relocation reimbursement. Budget and Financial Operations will pay such agreed upon reimbursement once expenses are recorded in BearBUY.

To make sure your relocation reimbursements are documented accordingly, please read and follow these instructions outlined by the Controller’s Office:

Once expenses are submitted via BearBUY, please provide the following to Budget and Financial Operations at centralresourcemanagement@berkeley.edu:

  • Departmental Relocation Reimbursement Form
    • Complete with faculty name, chartstring to reimburse, and signature
  • Copy of the Offer of Appointment outlining the agreed upon relocation reimbursement
  • Copy of the relocation receipts

Funding will be provided no later than the close of the quarter in which you submit your request (for example, if submitted in January, February, or March, the department will be reimbursed no later than at March-month close).