DFL Onboarding

Welcome to the Finance Community

We’re happy to welcome our new Divisional Finance Leaders to the finance community at UC Berkeley. Running UC Berkeley is a little bit like running a large city. To keep our budget running, the finance division actively partners with our campus leaders to organize and administer an annual budget, providing critical analysis to campus leadership for decision making. Together with the Divisional Finance Leaders (DFLs), the finance division gathers financial information, tracks major movements or changes, and makes plans for the coming year as part of the budget process.

The finance community at UC Berkeley manages a $3 billion budget supported by revenue from a variety of sources. To do this, we stay connected by engaging our campus leaders, Chief Administrative Officers, and the DFL community. The DFLs play a critical role in supporting their division's budget process and ensuring the accuracy of information provided to campus leaders. We appreciate the continued vision and effort of the UC Berkeley finance community to help keep our university running smoothly despite ongoing challenges and we are happy to welcome new Divisional Finance Leaders to this unique and talented team.

DFL-Specific Onboarding

Due to the complexity of the DFL role, we provide an additional level of support in the onboarding process. Complementing the self-paced modules and topics included in UC Berkeley’s Finance Onboarding program, a DFL can also expect upon hire:

  • DFL Welcome email from our Associate Vice Chancellor of Financial Planning and Analysis (FP&A) which includes introductions to key central staff as well as additional resources, links and information
  • Invitation to our Partner Program for New DFLs which connects a new DFL with another DFL from a similar unit
    • The partner answers questions and provides guidance on the different aspects of working in finance at UC Berkeley
  • Detailed list of needed System Access Requests for DFLs

Finance Onboarding

The self-paced modules and topics included in UC Berkeley’s broader Finance Onboarding program are below. Please refer to the following links to learn more about each subject area: