VC Finance Operational Deadlines

This is a list of annual operational deadlines relevant to the financial community on campus and Divisional Finance Leaders specifically. It is organized according to the fiscal year of the university, beginning in July and ending in June.

For the most part, the key items listed here remain the same but please keep in mind the list is updated on a regular basis as the exact due dates may change a little. 

If you have questions or comments about the information on this list, please contact the Financial Planning & Analysis team at

First Quarter

  • July
    • Due July -  Approve C&G deficit clearing waiver request forms in BFS
    • Due July 15 - Correct payroll in suspense
    • Due August - Reach out to Budget & Financial Operations to begin planning for a new PDST program (There should be no new PDST programs for the FY21 cycle.)

Second Quarter

  • November
    • Due November 15 - Correct payroll in suspense

Third Quarter

  • February

Fourth Quarter

  • April

  • May

    • Due May 13 - Ensure schedulers check final Spring CSIR data