Along with the UC Berkeley Principles of Community, one of our core values at UC Berkeley is to provide excellent educational services to as many people as possible. A key element of our commitment to excellence is our commitment to accessibility.

VCF staff work together to implement accessibility best practices into our content, training materials, digital spaces, operations, and physical spaces. This page is a resource for the VCF staff to help us as we implement accessibility into our daily work.

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VC Finance Accessibility Project

In 2022, UC Berkeley reached a resolution of the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ), Civil Rights Division’s investigation regarding the accessibility of our online content. This agreement, along with the existing Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), guides our approach to creating and sharing content. According to UC Berkeley’s agreement with the DOJ, our digital content must be updated to be accessible by 2024.

To help make UC Berkeley compliant with the DOJ agreement and ADA law, the Disability Access and Compliance team created a set of recommendations for each division, accompanied by Self-Evaluation Work Plan Resources, to assist us with implementing these recommendations. To implement these recommendations, VCF created the VCF Accessibility Project.

This webpage will document the work we are doing as part of the Accessibility Project and we will post updates to this page as they become available.

If you need assistance accessing this information or have questions about this content, please contact

Core Project Team

Amber Robertson

Director of Communications and Brand Management

Heidi Van Yang

Director of Business Operations and Communications

Jane Christen

Executive Assistant, Financial Planning and Analysis

Kristina Lisle

Executive Assistant, Controller’s Office

Roy Two Thousand

Digital Communications Specialist

Sara Tecle‐Habtay

Chief of Staff and Strategic Project Manager

Steering Committee

Daniel Feitelberg (Sponsor)

Interim Vice Chancellor of Finance and Chief Financial Officer

Rosemary Kim

Assistant Vice Chancellor and Chief of Staff

Amy Gardner

Executive Director, University Business Partnerships and Services

Chris Stanich

Associate Vice Chancellor, Financial Planning and Analysis

Mike Riley

Associate Vice Chancellor and Controller

Advisory Groups

Disability Access and Compliance

Chancellor’s Advisory Council on Disability and Accessibility Planning

Ella Callow, JD

ADA/Section 504 Compliance Officer

Dr. Derek Coates

Programmatic Access Projects Manager, Office of Disability Access and Compliance

Project Governance

The project is governed by the Steering Committee, with input from the Core Project Team and guidance from the Advisory Groups.

The Core Project Team will also engage key stakeholders across the finance division to share information and gather feedback.

Project Updates

April 2023

The Core Project Team is developing the project plan, drafting revisions to processes, and working on guidelines and resources to provide to our finance staff.

The Project Lead meets regularly with the Steering Committee for input and approval.

The Core Project Team is implementing early-stage changes to the VCF websites.

July 2023

Core Project Team work updates:

  • Started a document inventory and tracking/management system for all published documents and web pages across VCF websites
  • Currently adding documents and web pages to the inventory along with notes and metadata for current and future tracking, management, and process automation
  • Currently updating documents and web pages one by one to meet ADA compliance, as well as updating the inventory to track and manage progress
  • Updated website access requirements to include more accessibility and HTML training for website editing access
  • Created and shared an accessibility guide with links to campus resources
  • Began implementing training requirements
  • Providing regular updates and information about campus requirements

December 2023

  • Implemented training requirements from DAC.
  • Implemented signature line updates to include 711.
  • Continued website editor training.
  • Completed the first phase of the website inventory plan.

January 2024

  • Submitted training trackers to the DAC to document training implementation.
  • Completed ADA Self Evaluation Work Plan Deliverables Survey.

April 2024

  • Continued to review website inventory with subject matter experts to identify necessary changes.
  • Developed an accessible website template for the division.
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The Finance division has offices at 1608 Fourth Street in Berkeley and in California Hall. 

To access the Fourth Street location, review the instructions on the Parking and Transportation website and the Research Administration website

There is parking available for people with a disability at the Dwinelle Lot, near California Hall and at the parking lot adjacent to 1608 Fourth Street.