Fund Functioning as Endowment (FFE) Additional Withdrawal

Campus divisions may need to withdraw from their Fund Functioning as Endowment (FFE) to ensure sustainability of their core mission. Additional withdrawals still need to follow the fund terms of the corpus.

Please note that, if a donor has prescribed withdrawals in the fund terms, then divisions do not need to submit a form, those requests should be made directly to University Development and Alumni Relations (UDAR).

Prior to submitting this request make sure UDAR’s Fund Management team has reviewed and approved your request. Please email UDAR at if you have any questions regarding their review and approval.

Send the completed form via email to with "FFE withdrawal" in the subject line of your email. All inquiries must be reviewed and submitted by your Divisional Finance Leader.

The deadline for submitting the FFE Additional Withdraw form will be the first business day of April for each fiscal year. Unless exceptional, all withdrawals will take place between April and June.