DFL peer-to-peer email group


The Divisional Finance Leader (DFL) listserv is an email group meant to empower peer-to-peer networking and learning via email by sharing knowledge, templates, tools and solutions to address issues that DFLs encounter during their day-to-day work activities.

Please note that only Divisional Finance Leaders can subscribe to this email group or invite other DFLs to it. This is a voluntary, peer-to-peer email group for communication between the DFLs. The Office of the Vice Chancellor of Finance will not be monitoring this account.

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Subscribe to the list

To subscribe, email vcfinance@berkeley.edu and indicate you'd like to join.

Guiding principles

  1. We will commit ourselves to maintaining an open and respectful environment where all correspondence is thoughtful and adheres to Berkeley’s operating principles.
  1. We will work collaboratively, ask questions and/or circulate information, generally of a financial nature, that directly impacts DFLs as a whole, including (but not limited to) information on:
    1. Accounting principles
    2. Budget process
    3. Financial reporting
    4. Fiscal close
    5. General ledger
    6. Quarterly financial activities
    7. Other solutions related to financial activities
  1. We will monitor and approve emails prior to circulation through a designated DFL Advisory committee member.
  1. We will keep in mind that while the listserv contains only DFLs, messages may be forwarded to and read by other members of the campus community.

As a peer-to-peer networking and learning tool, the DFL listserv is intended to complement services from the Office of the Vice Chancellor of Finance.