FY2023-24 Budget Process

This page is a resource for the finance community at UC Berkeley as they prepare their FY2023-24 budget submissions. We will post budget-related information and updates to this page.

Please contact your Divisional Finance Leader with questions.

If you are having difficulty accessing the information on this page, please contact vcfinance@berkeley.edu for assistance.

FY2023-24 Budget Process Timeline

The dates included in the budget process timeline are listed below.

The timeline will be updated as needed and if the dates change, they will be updated here. Please contact your Divisional Financial Leader with questions.

Friday, March 17

Form A released

Friday, March 17

CalPlan and HCP unavailable

Week of April 3

Call letter released

Week of April 10

Budget guidelines and budget templates released

Week of April 10

CalPlanning available (CalPlan and HCP) while FY24 Operating Budget updated with planning data and FY23 Forecast Working version updated with February actual data

Friday, April 28

Form A due (for divisions with ladder-rank faculty)

Monday, May 11

CalPlanning updated with FY23 and FY24 changes related to planned Form A entries

Wednesday, May 31

Budgets, budget template, and the reserves template are due in CalPlan, along with the completed FY23 Forecast and FY24 Operating Budget

Wednesday, May 31

Strategic Priorities template and the Central Resource Request template (optional) are due

Wednesday, May 31

CalPlanning (CalPlan and HCP) unavailable while FY23 Operating Budget is finalized

Wednesday, June 7 to Tuesday, June 27

Conduct budget meetings

Thursday, July 6 to Tuesday, July 18

Conduct decision meetings

Week of July 31

Distribute budget letters


FY24 Operating Budget Final and FY24 Forecast Working version available with Beginning Balance and July actual data

This shows the budget process timeline.

This image shows the budget process due dates. Select the image of the timeline to view the PDF or review the deadlines written out on this page.