Fund Functioning as an Endowment (FFE) Investing Approval

Investing in a Fund Functioning as an Endowment (FFE) is one way for a division to improve their long-term financial stability.

To request to invest in a FFE (either to create a new FFE or add to an existing FFE), please submit the FFE Investing Request Form (PDF).

Prior to submitting this request, please ensure the following requirements are met:

  • Investment amount meets minimum level of $500K for a new FFE or $100K if adding to an existing FFE
  • Reserve balances (after investment in an FFE) are at an acceptable level for fiscal stability
  • Unit is not projecting a deficit for either their forecast or operating budget, and didn't sustain a deficit in the last full fiscal year (on current funds, excluding contracts and grants)
  • Funds being invested are not considered campus core funds, which includes tuition and student fees
  • The University Development and Alumni Relations (UDAR) Fund Management team has reviewed and approved your request
    • Please email UDAR at if you have any questions regarding their review and approval

Please note that an FFE created from an unrestricted fund shall remain unrestricted along with its payout, regardless of the intent of the unit to use it in a more specific way. In the same manner, an FFE created from a restricted fund retains the same restrictions as the original fund. All campus created FFE’s are invested in the Regents Endowment Pool.

Please send the completed form via email to with "FFE approval" in the subject line of your email. All inquiries must be reviewed and submitted by your Divisional Finance Leader.

The deadline for submitting the FFE Investing Approval form will be the last Friday business day of April for each fiscal year.