Performance Evaluations


Please note that the processes listed on this page are internal processes for the VC Finance division. This is our documentation for our staff of how we meet the P&C guidelines. 

Achieve Together is a performance development program for non-represented employees and managers driven by a series of regular check-in conversations and results-driven goals. It replaces the annual review.

The Achieve Together program has two primary goals:

  • Build collaborative partnerships between employees and managers 

  • Support a workforce that is engaged, agile, and performance-driven

There is a comprehensive overview of the Achieve Together process, the link to the online form, (both a PowerPoint and a video demo of how to use the form), a toolkit, and training options and resources can be found on the Achieve Together website. 

Achieve Together review periods and deadlines

Check-in period: April - July

Have conversation between: August 1 - September 15

Submit online form: September 15

Check-in period: August - November

Have conversation between: December 1 and January 15

Submit online form: January 15

Check-in period: December - March

Have conversation between: April 1 - May 31

Submit online form: May 31