System Access Requests for DFLs

As a DFL, you will need access to many systems, each of which may have its own unique system access request process. This document describes the access needed by most DFLs, complete with process steps and screenshots. It also includes a list of system access that will be needed by some, but not all, DFLs. You can use this to request the access that is relevant to your specific role and unit.


Recommended access for all DFLs:

May be needed by some DFLs:

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Recommended Access for All DFLs

BFS, BIBS, and BearBuy

There are two sections on the SARA request for BFS, BIBS, and BearBuy. The first is for access roles that are not restricted by org node. For these roles, access is granted to all org nodes. In the second section, access is restricted by org node, so you will need to specify the organization level and organization code. Org level 3 is division, level 4 is department, etc.

For access roles not restricted by org node, select:

  • BearBuy Receiver
  • BearBuy Global Inquiry
  • Profile Management
  • bluCard Reconciler
  • bluCard Approver
  • GL Preparer
  • GL Chartfield/SpeedChart Set Up
  • BIBS Temporary Budget Ledger Preparer
  • BIBS Permanent Budget Ledger Preparer
  • Financial Inquiry – AP/PO/GL/Vendor

For access roles that are restricted by org node, select the following roles:

  • BearBuy Requisition Approver
  • AP Voucher Approver
  • GL Approver
  • BIBS Temporary Budget Ledger Approver

Travel and Entertainment

Select the following roles and then specify the org node needed. If you need access to multiple org nodes, add the roles and then select another org to add.

  • Entertainment Reimbursement System Preparer
  • Travel Reimbursement System Preparer
  • Entertainment Reimbursement System Approver
  • Travel Reimbursement System Approver


For each role, you must make a selection in each of these columns:

  • Business Area
  • System Function/Transaction
  • Access Level
  • Employee Class

This example shows the CA/Direct Retro/Approver1/All role.

The roles you need to request are shown below. The information you need to enter into the columns is divided by a forward slash (/).

Once you have made a selection in each column, click the Add Row button to add the role to the list. Repeat this process for all of the roles shown.

To request a role:

  • CA/Direct Retro/Approver1/All
  • CA/Direct Retro/Initiator/All
  • CA/Direct Retro/Inquiry/All
  • CA/Funding Entry/Approver1/All
  • CA/Funding Entry/Initiator/All
  • CA/Funding Entry/Inquiry/All
  • CG/CA/GL/Consumer/All
  • CG/Workforce Administration/Consumer/All
  • WF/POI/Initiator/All
  • WF/Position Control (Existing)/Approver1/All
  • WF/Position Control (New)/Approver1/All
  • WF/Position Management/Initiator/All
  • WF/Workforce Administration/Inquiry - No PII/All

Cal Answers

Access to Cal Answers is granted by subject area, with different forms and processes required for each. See Getting Access to Cal Answers for the links to request access. These are the roles needed by a DFL.

HR Reporting
Workforce Detail including Ad Hoc

Finance including Ad Hoc
Finance - Gift and Endowment
Finance - IST Phone Usage
PermBudg including Ad Hoc

Payroll including Ad Hoc


Submit a CalPlanning Access Request Form and request Planner Access. Use your division for the requested entity.

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May Be Needed by Some DFLs

Campus Deposit System

Use SARA Campus Deposit System to request the Preparer role.

Supplier Onboarding

The BFS supplier portal has an online vendoring process. If you will need to onboard new vendors, complete the Supplier Onboarding Training in order to gain access to the Supplier Onboarding function.