Review current Course Materials and Services Fee policies

CMSF review and approval

The UC Office of the President has delegated CMSF approval to the Chancellors. At UC Berkeley, CMSFs are reviewed by the CMSF Committee, comprised of representatives from the following:

  • Letters & Sciences Deans
  • Professional School or College Deans
  • Academic Senate
  • Registrar's Office
  • Campus Budget Office
  • Loans & Receivables Office
  • Graduate Division
  • Committee on Student Fees
  • Graduate Assembly
  • Associate Students (ASUC)

CMSFs may not be assessed to students without review by the CMSF Committee and approval by the Chancellor.

Allowable costs

CMSFs are to be used to assist departments with instructional costs that involve consummables or provide special supplemental educational experiences, such as:

  • Materials and supplies, including but not limited to chemicals, solutions, gloves, filters, biological specimens, artists’ media, glassware, and photographic chemicals
  • Tools and equipment, including but not limited to scientific or medical tools, musical instruments, video and audio equipment, and computer software (students must be given ownership of the tools and equipment if purchased, or be given extensive use of them if rented)
  • Travel costs, including but not limited to archaeological digs and other types of field trips
  • Compensation for temporary faculty or technical personnel that provide enhanced, highly specialized instruction

Disallowed costs

Some examples of the costs that cannot be included in a CMSF are:

  • Salaries, wages, and employee benefits for ladder faculty, lecturers, GSIs, or instructional staff (except as authorized above)
  • Maintenance, depreciation, and replacement of instructional equipment that remains in classrooms or labs
  • Reproduction of copyrighted materials, including course readers or audio or video collections
  • Printing costs associated with course syllabi or exams

Reporting requirements

All departments that charge CMSF are subject to an annual review. CMSF funds should have a zero balance at the end of each fiscal year. Surplus or deficit balances must be explained and a plan outlined to return the fund to a zero balance. The accumulation of surpluses may result in a mandatory reduction in the fee.

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