Propose a new Course Materials and Services Fee


All academic departments are eligible to propose a new CMSF for the academic year following the proposal year (i.e., a proposal submitted in AY2019-20 is for a CMSF beginning in AY2020-21).

Proposal process

Proposals for new CMSFs are reviewed and approved once per year. 

The call for CMSF proposals goes out to the Divisional Finance Leaders (DFLs) in the Fall. Departments interested in proposing a new CMSF should work with their DFLs to complete the Course Materials and Services Fee Proposal Form and return it to Submissions must also be reviewed and approved by a Department Chair or Director and a Dean or Vice Chancellor.

After submission, proposals are reviewed by the Financial Planning & Analysis team and the CMSF Committee comprised of students, faculty, and staff. During either review, proposers may be asked to provide additional information or to revise and resubmit the proposal. Once a final recommendation has been made by the CMSF Committee, the proposals are presented to the Chancellor for approval.

Approved fees are programmed into Campus Solutions / Student Information System and published online in advance of the semester in which they will be charged.

Proposal timeline

  • Fall: The call for proposals goes out in late Fall term, with proposals due to in early Spring term
  • Spring: Proposals are reviewed by the CMSF Committee and approved by the Chancellor
  • Summer: Approved CMSF increases or decreases are programmed into Campus Solutions / Student Information System and published online

Allowable costs

CMSFs should be used to provide materials, supplies, tools, or equipment which are consumed, retained, or used by the student, or for other materials or services necessary to provide a special supplemental educational experience of direct benefit to the student. For a more detailed list of allowable and disallowed costs, refer to the Review current CMSF policies page.


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