Increase an existing Professional Degree Supplemental Tuition rate

Proposals for the 2022-23 academic year

UCOP released the call for proposals from programs that charge Professional Degree Supplemental Tuition (PDST) with expiring multi-year plans, or from programs that wish to establish a PDST charge for a new or existing program effective beginning summer or fall 2022.

The following programs must submit a new multi-year plan if they intend to charge PDST in summer or fall 2022:

  • Joint Medical Program with UCSF
  • Master and Doctor of Public Health


Draft materials (including Part A and Part B) should be submitted to The deadline for submissions is Friday, October 8th.

For programs with previously approved multi-year plans:

UCOP has asked that ALL programs with previously approved multi-year plans either:

  • (a) confirm that they intend to charge the maximum approved PDST rate; or
  • (b) request UCOP approval to charge a rate lower than was approved

Please email confirming your proposed 2022-23 charges by Friday, November 5, 2021

General approval timeline

  • UCOP issues the call for new PDST fees and existing PDST fee increase in August each year.
  • PDST fee proposals are due to the Office of the Chief Financial Officer in later September or early October. The specific due date varies by year and will be communicated to the DFLs annually.
  • PDST fee proposals are provided to the Graduate Assembly, Graduate Division, and EVCP for review in early to mid-October.
  • PDST fee proposals are submitted by the Chancellor to UCOP in mid-November.
  • The UC Board of Regents will review and approve multi-year proposals for existing PDST programs at the March or May Regents meeting. 

Approval authority

  • The Chancellor must approve all PDST multi-year plans before they can be submitted to UCOP.
  • The Regents must approve all multi-year plans for new and existing programs.
  • UCOP must approve any reductions to rates in previously approved PDST multi-year plans.


Contact with questions.