DFL weekly update - January 6, 2023

Upcoming Deadlines at a Glance

  • Monday, 1/9 - Report year-end gift recording and receipting
  • Wednesday, 1/18 - Submit completed and approved org tree change requests
  • Thursday, 1/19 - Sign up for a Reserve Analysis workshop
  • Friday, 1/20 - Submit recharge self-certification forms
  • Friday, 1/27 - Submit Course Materials and Services Fee Proposals
  • Friday, 1/27 - Submit Miscellaneous Student Fee Proposals
  • Friday, 1/27 - Submit SSGPDP fee proposals for 2023-24
  • Friday, 2/3 - Complete Q2 Key Controls

Action Items

Report year-end gift recording and receipting by Monday, January 9

The deadline for gifts to be received in the Gift Services office to be counted for the calendar year 2022 is Monday, January 9, 2023. Information and instructions are available on the 2022 Calendar Year End flyer or on UC Berkeley’s advancement intranet Eureka; to review it log into Eureka and visit the Calendar Year End page or the frequently asked questions.

Please note

  • Hand delivery of gifts to the UDAR 4th floor suite is available but discouraged. Please use USPS or Loomis armored service if possible. If you plan to hand-deliver, please call (510) 642-1212 in advance to ensure someone can provide you access to the drop-safe. Suite access during campus curtailment may be limited.
  • Retain and forward those postmarked envelopes, FedEx/UPS mailing envelopes, or waybills!
  • Do not accept credit card information by phone with the intent to transmit it to Gift Services for charging. Please have donors call (510) 643-9789 to give by phone.
  • Please contact the Gift Services Securities Desk at givesecurities@berkeley.edu before a stock transfer happens to ensure the gift is identified and credited to the donor in a timely manner.

Please contact Gift Services with questions at (510) 643-9789 or gifthelp@berkeley.edu.

Submit completed and approved org tree change requests by Wednesday, January 18

If you would like to submit changes to the Org Tree, please submit your completed, Budget and Financial Operations (BFO) Committee approved request by Wednesday, January 18. We recommend that you submit your change request form for review as soon as possible to allow time for the BFO team to review your request, follow up with you for any necessary clarification, approve your request, and allow you time to obtain all required signatures before the submission deadline. This is for all org changes with the exception of Org Node and DeptID moves.

The time needed to review change requests will vary, depending on the complexity of the request. For more information:

Sign up for a Reserve Analysis workshop on Thursday, January 19

The Reserve Analysis templates will be due on Friday, February 10. The Reserve Analysis template is in your division folder under FY2023-24 Budget Process > Reserve Analysis Template. A copy of the prior year’s completed template is included in this folder for your reference. We are offering a workshop for new DFLs on Thursday, January 19, 2023, at 10 am. More information is available on the Reserve Analysis webpage.

We are also offering office hours on Mondays. These will be on January 23, January 30, and February 6 from 11 am to 12 pm to help answer any questions you might have regarding this exercise. Sign up for the Reserve Analysis office hours by completing the Reserve Analysis Office Hours Sign Up Form. The Zoom link is included in the sign-up form.

Submit recharge self-certification forms by Friday, January 20

Self-certification recharge forms for FY2023-24 are due on Friday, January 20. Divisions will need to submit a recharge self-certification form if they support a recharge unit and the unit charges Contracts and Grants or if the unit plans for a recharge income greater than $500,000 a year. We posted the self-certification form to the recharge section of the CFO website. If you have any questions, please contact the Budget and Financial Operations team at recharge_certification@berkeley.edu.

Submit Course Materials and Services Fee Proposals by Friday, January 27

The call for proposals for Course Materials and Services Fees (CMSF) for FY2023-24 has been released. The proposal form to establish a new CMSF or to increase an existing CMSF, relevant campus policy, and guidance on completing the form, is available on the Course Materials and Services Fees page. Completed proposals are due to studentfees@berkeley.edu by Friday, January 27. Final recommendations and approvals will be made in the spring. Please share this call widely with department leaders in your units. Contact studentfees@berkeley.edu with any questions.

Submit Miscellaneous Student Fee Proposals by Friday, January 27

The call for proposals for Miscellaneous Student Fees (MSF) for FY2023-24 has been released. The proposal form to establish a new MSF, increase an existing MSF, or consolidate multiple fees into one MSF, as well as additional information on MSF policies and procedures, is available on the Miscellaneous Student Fees page. Completed proposals are due to studentfees@berkeley.edu by Friday, January 27. Final recommendations and approvals will be made in late spring. Please share this call widely with department leaders in your units. Contact studentfees@berkeley.edu with any questions.

Submit SSGPDP fee proposals for 2023-24 by Friday, January 27

UCOP has released the call for SSGPDP fee proposals for the 2023-24 academic year. All new and existing approved SSGPDPs are required to submit an annual fee proposal for review and approval by the President. Completed proposals are due to studentfees@berkeley.edu by Friday, January 27. The call for proposals, submission documents, and instructions are available on the CFO website. Please direct questions to studentfees@berkeley.edu as early as possible prior to the submission deadline.

Complete Q2 Key Controls by Friday, February 3

Please complete and submit both the Financial Reporting Review and System Access Review by Friday, February 3. Please visit the Division Key Controls page for instructions and more information. Email questions about the financial reporting review controls to the Financial Accounting & Controls team at gao@berkeley.edu and questions about the system access review controls to the BFS Security team at secbfs@berkeley.edu.

Informational Updates

FY2023-24 Budgeted Composite Benefit Rates

We have submitted our FY24 CBR rates to the Federal Government for approval. Please visit the Composite Benefit Rates webpage for additional information and the new projected CBR rates for FY24. Keep in mind that these rates have not yet been approved by the Federal Government and are therefore subject to change. We anticipate approval of the FY24 CBR rates before the end of this fiscal year (FY23). Contact centralresourcemanagement@berkeley.edu if you have questions.

CalTime and payroll update

CalTime access was restored to the campus late Tuesday, January 3 around 5 pm, and is now available for use. We sent instructions for verifying timekeeping information to the affected user groups. All time worked or leave taken (including via the timeclock) between 6:30 pm Friday, December 30, and 10:00 am, Tuesday, January 3 will need to be manually entered. Biweekly paid employees were instructed to review their timecard and work with their supervisor if needed to ensure their timecard is updated to reflect all hours worked and leave taken during the outage period. This should be done by the pay period ending January 7. All monthly paid employees must review, update and approve their December timecard by today, Friday, January 6. Supervisors of monthly paid employees must review and approve their employee’s time cards by Wednesday, January 11. Employees who continue to experience access issues may email calTime@berkeley.edu.

Join us on January 23 at 11 am for a training session covering the supplier onboarding process and campus payment methods

The Accounts Payable team is hosting regularly scheduled training sessions to share information about the different services that the Accounts Payable department provides to campus to ensure better communication and transparency. The first session was in September covering the ConnexUC travel program, an overview of the reimbursement system, and the different credit cards offered. A second session will be held on Monday, January 23, 2023, at 11 am covering the Supplier Onboarding process, and a review of the Purchasing and Payment Matrix to try and demystify the best method for purchasing the many different types of goods and services that campus needs. There will also be a Q&A opportunity for any Accounts Payable-related processes. If you are interested in attending, contact travel@berkeley.edu to request the Zoom information. Please share this announcement with your team members who may be interested in these topics.

Updated mileage reimbursement rate

The federal mileage reimbursement rate has been increased from .625 to .655 as of January 1, 2023. The reimbursement system has been updated to reflect this change. Reimbursement rates for car mileage is posted to the Reimbursement for Private Automobile Mileage page on the Controller’s website.

CalPlanning training

The next series of CalPlanning and Smart View training classes begin Thursday, September 8. The curriculum uses a blended learning model. Courses begin with self-study using online “books” divided into chapters supplemented with practice exercises and short videos. Courses culminate with a group session using Zoom in which participants work on case studies in small teams to apply the material covered in the self-study. The self-study materials are available on the website for everyone to use; they can be a helpful resource for those that have already completed the training and are looking for a refresher. Review the CalPlanning training page for schedules, links to enroll, and to access the self-study materials.

Office Hours for CalPlanning and Smart View

Office hours are available so that you can ask specific questions about CalPlanning and Smart View. Request office hours and indicate the topic for which you are requesting support. Office hours are an opportunity to get individual support for a specific challenge your unit is facing; they are not a replacement for training.

Cal Answers Training

Please review the self-service learning resources on the Cal Answers website, where Cal Answers users will find a complete course in basic navigation as well as short videos, job aids, wiki documentation, and a list of Frequently Asked Questions. Additionally, the two-hour instructor-led classes build on the basic navigation skills covered in the self-study. There are separate courses focusing on financial dashboards and student data dashboards. In the class, a subject matter expert will guide a deep dive into the reports and data available in the dashboards and answer specific questions.

Changes to the DFL in your division?

If the DFL role in your division is changing, email fpa@berkeley.edu to ensure our website, communications, and training plans are updated.

DFL Weekly Updates Page

As a reminder, these updates are regularly posted to the DFL Weekly Updates page so you can reference past updates at any time. Additionally, the Operational Deadlines page provides an overview of deliverables by quarter.

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