Request org tree changes

The Divisional Finance Leader will work with the OCFO to discuss and present any new requests, evaluate each request based on business needs and COA Guidelines and will be responsible for filling out the appropriate forms.

Change requests and supplemental materials should be submitted by email to with "Organizational Tree Request" in the subject line.

  • Description Change and DeptID request forms can be pre-filled out and included in the initial email request along with the business rationale for the change and an excel file outlining the changes.
  • New Org Node and Hierarchy Redesign requests are more complex; these forms should not be filled out until approved by the Organizational Tree Changes Review Team. The initial email for these types of requests should include the business rationale for the requested change along with the Excel and Visio files highlighting the changes.
  • DeptID Inactivations are on hold for now as we work to finalize the timing and requirements for that process. However, please submit the DeptIDs planned for inactivation so that we can collect the information, include them for inactivation when the process is reopened and remove the ability to plan to them in CaPlanning. The process for removing the ability to plan to DeptIDs in CalPlanning is an annual process which occurs in January.

Note: The PDF files linked below will have to be opened with Adobe Acrobat before viewing.