DFL Workgroups

DFL/CAO Partners

Actualized Forecast & Simplified HCP

Heidi Hallett, VC Finance (lead)
Lee Borrowman, L&S Bio Sciences
Michael Ferencz, Graduate Division

Terrence Ireland,
L&S Dean's Office
Tom Lowry, Student Affairs
Elena Wen Jiang, VC Administration

BFS 8.55 Upgrade

Tracy Okamura, VC Finance (lead)
Suzanne Sutton,
Heidi Wagner, Social Welfare

Budget Process

Jon Bain-Chekal, VC Finance (lead)
Nicole Cernok,
L&S Social Sciences
Michael Ferencz,
Graduate Division
Sandi Ketchpel,
Public Policy
Tom Lowry,
Student Affairs
Wanda Nieters, 
L&S Math & Physical Sciences
Terence Phuong,
Amy Robinson, 
Suzanne Sutton, Chemistry

Cal Answers Financials/BAIRS Retirement

Teal Sexton, VC Finance (lead)
Jules Freedman, EVCP Office
Merle Hancock, Public Policy
Wanda Nieters, L&S Math & Physical Sciences
Linda Moran, UDAR
Elena Wen Jiang, VC Administration
Elise WoodsLibrary 


Jean Bednarz, VC Finance (lead)
Roia Ferrazares
, School of Journalism
Terrence Ireland, L&S Dean's Office
Sandi Ketchpel
, Goldman School of Public Policy
Anna Weidman, L&S Arts & Humanities

Finance Literacy

Kevin Mack, VC Finance (lead)
Terrence Ireland, L&S Dean's Office
Wanda Lynn Riley, Audit
Suzanne Sutton
, Chemistry
Heidi Wagner, Social Welfare

Our Berkeley Data Digest 

Amber Machamer, VC Finance (lead)
Jean Delaney, 
L&S Undergraduate Studies
Sandi Ketchpel, 
Goldman School of Public Policy
Dat Le,
Heidi Wagner,
School of Social Welfare
Anna Weidman, 
L&S Arts & Humanities

Reserve Analysis

Maya Woodson Turman, VC Finance (lead)
Loraine Binion,
David Castellanos,
Ali De Gros, UDAR
Marsha Jaeger, Equity & Inclusion
Dat Le, Engineering
Nancy McKinney, UDAR
Amy Robinson, L&S
Elise WoodsLibrary

Travel & Entertainment

Joyce Sturm, VC Finance (lead)
Lynn Geske-Morgan, EVCP Office
Sandi Ketchpel, Goldman School of Public Policy
Babs Lane
, College of Natural Resources
Wanda Nieters
, L&S Math & Physical Sciences
David Secor,
Suzanne Sutton
, College of Chemistry 
Heidi Wagner,
 School of Social Welfare
Elise WoodsLibrary