DFL Workgroups

DFL/CAO Partners

DFL Advisory Group

Anna Weidman, L&S Arts & Humanities
Jules Freedman, Academic & Space Planning, Office of EVCP, Office of the Faculty
Roia FerrazaresSchool of Journalism
Sandi KetchpelGoldman School of Public Policy
Terri Harris, Berkeley Art Museum & Pacific Film Archive

Reserve Analysis

Maya Woodson Turman, VC Finance (lead)
David Castellanos, Research
Marsha Jaeger, Equity & Inclusion
Dat Le, Engineering
Nancy McKinney, UDAR
Amy Robinson, L&S

Travel & Entertainment

Sandi Ketchpel, Goldman School of Public Policy
Wanda Nieters, L&S Math & Physical Sciences
Suzanne Sutton, College of Chemistry 
Heidi Wagner,
 L&S Biological Sciences