PRT: Staff and Non-Faculty Academics

PRT has been retired for staff and other academics (not including faculty.)

On 7/1/2016 the Staff/Non-Faculty Academics PRT was retired. The values of all positions were converted to unallocated permbudg in their respective original Fund-DeptID combinations. This action took place on September 29, 2016. (See journals BIB0647810 - BIB0653135.)

Going forward, divisions no longer need to maintain the PRT for staff and non-faculty academics.  Divisions will be able to manage positions through HCM, personnel budgeting through HCP, and funding through operating transfers and/or permbudg allocations.

What do I need to do?

  1. Check your permbudg. Compare your current Permbudg Position Balance Report and Permbudg Ledger Summary Report with those from 6/30/2016. You should see that all non-faculty positions have been converted to general, unallocated permbudg. 

  2. Decide how you would like to use your salary provision org and what to do with any existing balances. This is applicable to division-level finance only. Each division has a DeptID to and from which funds were automatically disbursed when certain PRT actions occurred. These automatic transfers have ended with the retirement of the PRT. What you do with this org and the funds in it depends on how the division plans to manage positions and personnel funding going forward. Please read below for more information.

How am I affected?

I used PRT reporting to view my position roster

There are a number of replacement reports that you can use for this purpose. Remember that the concept of a “permanent” position no longer exists. The following reports will provide rosters for all your jobs and/or positions.

HCM Job and/or Payroll Reporting (filled positions)

These reports provide detail of actual, filled positions, the incumbents name, salary/rate, actual payroll, DeptID and fund

  • BAIRS > Workforce Detail > Job Data> Job Detail
  • BAIRS > Workforce Detail > Earnings Distribution Data> Earnings Distribution Detail

HCM Position Reporting (filled and unfilled positions)

These reports provide detail of actual positions created in HCM, including filled and unfilled positions, the incumbent information (if applicable), and the default salary/rate of the position for unfilled hires.

  • BAIRS > Workforce Detail > Position Data> Position Roster Report

HCP Reporting (filled and unfilled positions – planning data only)

HCP reports provide a different perspective and are used for different purposes. HCP imports data from HCM but allows planners to augment that data with various planning scenarios. These include planning for new positions and new hires, separations, increases, etc. These planning-only scenarios include data that has not yet (and may not be) entered into HCM.

HCP reports, therefore, are particularly useful for planning and forecasting purposes during budget cycles.

  • CalPlanning > HCPRptg > HCP001 – Employee Salary by Fund
  • CalPlanning > HCPRptg > HCP002 – Comp and Non-Comp Expense Variance (by Employee)

I used PRT to fund merits/increases

In the past, certain HCM/PRT actions caused permbudg transfers to occur between a division’s salary provision org and lower-level DeptIDs.

Going forward, divisions will need to decide whether they want to replace this activity and if so, how they will do that. The decision will be particular to each division and will reflect the strategy and philosophy of the division head.

Some possibilities include:

  • Eliminating transactional funding in favor of annual budget submissions and allocations. Under this model, lower-level units will present their budget and funding request annually, taking into account an allowance for anticipated merits, increases, hires, and separations. The division will fund accordingly.
  • Divisions may or may not provide true-up funding, sweep ending balances, or accept budget mod requests mid-year.
  • Continue transactional funding using activity reports, if desired.  In BAIRS, try Workforce Detail > Transaction Data > Transaction Detail

I'd like to recommend new reports

If existing reports from HCM or HCP do not meet your needs, users are encouraged to email your report ideas or requests to Requests will be compiled and forwarded to the appropriate group for consideration. 

I had a recent non-tenure separation

The commitment to provide central funding, at the provision level, for non-tenure separations will continue. Those open provisions have been moved from the permbudg to a commitment in the commitments database. Lee Borrowman will continue to transfer those funds while a replacement search is outstanding.  

Do I need to do anything in the PRT or HCM?

No. The PRT cleanup has already been run, converting position funding to unallocated permbudg in their respective original Fund-DeptID combinations.

No action is required in HCM either. PRT related actions (eg. FTE, PRT, or RMV) are not required and will have no effect. The Budgeted FTE field will remain visible but is inoperative.