Finance Committee


  • Chancellor
  • Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost
  • Vice Chancellor and Chief Financial Officer
  • Other members as appointed by the Chancellor


The Finance Committee works to maintain the financial sustainability and long-term financial health of the university. The committee exercises authority over the university’s Core Operating Budget and provides financial management oversight to campus in order to ensure financial planning and management of the university are integrated with the long-term strategic plans and mission of the univeristy. The committee is staffed by Jon Bain-Checkal, Executive Director of Financial Planning & Analysis for the Office of the CFO. Contact Jon Bain-Checkal with questions at


The responsibilities of the Finance Committee include: 
  • Provide oversight and governance over the Core Operating Budget
  • Set allocations for the main avenues of distribution
  • Limit financial exposure to unplanned commitments
  • Decide upon the amount available for strategic funding
  • Allow for a simplified allocation process