Berkeley Integrated Budget System (BIBS)

Berkeley Integrated Budget & Staffing System (BIBS) is a module within Berkeley Financial Systems (BFS). It is a multi-purpose system that is part budgeting system, part allocation and funding mechanism, and part position management tool. With the introduction of new systems and business processes over the past several years, including CalPlanning, HCM Position Management, and Operating Transfers, the system has become largely redundant and we're targeting late FY2019 for retirement. 

Position Resource Tracking (PRT) is a part of BIBS, where the “permanent” chartstrings for each faculty position are currently stored. Going forward, they will be stored in the position-level data of the faculty members’ HCM record. This is separate from actuals and payroll data which are stored with the records’ job-level data.The existing practice of using multiple HCM records to reflect multiple positions will continue to allow faculty members to reflect both their incumbent and “on-hold” positions where applicable.
BIBS data are currently used in only two places:
  • UCOP Staffing Report – For UCOP purposes
  • Faculty Position Report (formerly Academic Breakdown Report)