Miscellaneous Student Fees

Select an action from the below choices. If none of these meet your needs, please email Hugh Graham, Campus Finance Lead – Student Fees, at studentfees@berkeley.edu. All inquiries must be reviewed by your Divisional Finance Leader before submitting and your DFL should be copied on your email.



Apply for a Fee:

Miscellaneous Student Fees Overview

  • Eligibility:  All academic and non-academic units are eligible.
  • Allowable Costs:  MSF are to be used toward covering the costs of providing non-instructional services or materials to students, including the replacement or repair costs of equipment used by students, such as:
    • Rental fees for use of university materials and facilities
    • Administrative service charges
    • Printer usage fees
    • Late fees
  • Non-Allowable Costs:  MSF cannot be used to cover instructional-related costs that are directly associated with a course.
  • For more information about MSF, please refer to the UCOP policy.