Course Materials and Services Fees

Select an action from the below choices. If none of these meet your needs, please email Hugh Graham, Campus Finance Lead – Student Fees, at sends e-mail)(link sends e-mail) (link sends e-mail). All inquiries must be reviewed by your Divisional Finance Leader before submitting and your DFL should be copied on your email.


Apply for a CMSF:

Approved Fees:

Course Materials and Services Fees Overview

  • Eligibility: All academic departments are eligible
  • Allowable Costs: CMSF are to be used to assist departments with instructional costs not covered by state funds, such as:
    • Materials and Supplies, including but not limited to chemicals, solutions, gloves, filters, biological specimens, artists’ media, glassware, and photographic chemicals
    • Tools and Equipment, including but not limited to scientific or medical tools, musical instruments, video and audio equipment, and computer software (students must be given ownership of the tools and equipment if purchased, or be given extensive use of them if rented)
    • Travel Costs, including but not limited to archaeological digs and other types of field trips
  • Non-Allowable Costs: Some examples of the costs that cannot be included in the CMSF are:
    • Salaries, wages, and employee benefits
    • Reproduction of copyrighted materials
    • Equipment that remains in the classroom
    • Exam printing costs
    • Course syllabi
  • For more information about CMSF and a full list of non-allowable costs, please refer to the UCOP policy.