Frequently Asked Questions - VC Finance Move

VC Finance Move

When is the move date?

We expect to move this fall but the final date has not been determined yet. We will first move all of the furniture and set up the space and then there will be a move-in date for VC Finance. We expect this will be in the fall.

What is the address at the new building?

1608 Fourth St

Berkeley, CA 94710

The VC Finance teams will have space on the second floor.

Who can I contact about the move?

Heidi Van Yang - Business Operations and Communications, Immediate Office

Kristina Lisle - Executive Assistant, Controller’s Office

Jane Christen - Executive Assistant, Financial Planning & Analysis and University Business and Partnership Programs

Where will we sit?

There are two, connected sections dedicated to VC Finance on the second floor of the Fourth Street office. On one side, there are traditional cubicles and on the other, there is a more open-space style set up with conversation and collaboration areas and cubicles. Most of the cubicles will be available on a first-come, first-serve basis. There are zoom rooms and conference rooms that will be available to be reserved.

How do we get access?

Access for VC Finance staff

There are two main entrances to the second floor, where VC Finance will be located. The primary one that staff use is the entrance from the parking lot that leads to the elevators. This entrance has key card access. The second main entrance is at street level from Fourth Street. Currently, these doors are kept locked and there is no key card access. Once you are on the second floor, there are doors with key card access that lead into our division's section. There is also a key card access door between the two sections that VC Finance will occupy. All VC Finance employees will have access to both of our areas. 

Access for visitors

The main entrance is currently locked and there is no one at the front desk. If you have a visitor to our Fourth Street location, you will need to plan to meet them outside of the building and bring them in with you to your meeting through the parking lot entrance. Currently, per P&C guidelines, no non-UC Berkeley affiliated visitors are allowed.

When do we have to be back in the office?

We expect to be able to move into our new building in the fall. Staff should coordinate their schedule and their return to the office with their managers.

Is there parking at Fourth Street?

Yes, there is a parking lot next to the building that accepts C and F parking passes. P&T is offering daily parking permits ($16 for a C pass and $12 for an F pass) and a temporary monthly rate. Visit the Parking and Transportation website to learn more about parking permit options.

How are we meeting the guidelines for COVID-19 safety on campus?

The VC Finance Office is committed to following the guiding principles outlined by our People & Culture team, in compliance with local governance, to safely return to the workplace. Please review the P&C COVID-19 resources page for information on returning to the workplace.

Is there a kitchen space?

Yes, there is a kitchen space designated for VC Finance in our area and also a shared kitchen area with a vending machine on the second floor. The VC Finance kitchen space will be shared by all VC Finance staff. The details of how it will be organized and supplied are being finalized. 

There will be communal areas both with and without tables in our office space. These shared areas will be subject to safety guidelines outlined by People & Culture and UHS.

What if I need an ergonomic accommodation?

The Immediate Office is working with your team leaders to identify who has existing ergonomic accommodations. We are incorporating these existing needs into the space planning for our new location. 

If you identify an ergonomic need when you begin working in a new space, please discuss it with your manager.

Will there be file storage on-site?

There will be minimal file storage on site. Per the direction from Associate Vice Chancellors Mike Riley and Chris Stanich, our teams should be transitioning to digital file storage wherever possible. 

Because there are not assigned desks, the personal paper files you bring with you into the office each day will need to be taken home with you when you leave. If you believe you will need to use the shared file cabinets to store paper documents on-site, please reach out to your Executive Assistant.

What will we do if we need to be on a call in a shared space?

We’ve set aside rooms specifically for remote meetings and calls. Additionally, there are conference rooms that can be booked as needed for in-person or remote meetings. 

Will there be assigned seating?

No. Only the private offices have assigned seating. Most of the rest of the workstations are open and can be used on a first-come, first-serve basis each day. If there are cubicles assigned for a specific purpose, this will be indicated.

What will the workstations look like?

Many of the workstations are traditional cubicles in an open-space floorplan, similar to the way University Hall 655 or the first floor of Warren Hall are laid out. In part of the new space, there are also some seating areas designed for collaborative work. We’re currently determining what kind of technology will be available at each workstation and will update this question when it is finalized.

What are the transportation options?

Visit the Parking and Transporation website for a list of public transportation options between campus and Fourth Street. 

The nearest BART station is North Berkeley BART. There is a weekday shuttle between North Berkeley BART and the Fourth Street building during the morning and evening commute hours to accommodate those who use BART. Hours of operation: 6:40am – 9:20am; 4:10pm – 6:10pm. Anyone with a Cal1Card can use this shuttle. 

The Fourth Street building is four blocks from AC Transit stops on University Avenue (AC Transit 51B) and six blocks from bus stops on San Pablo Avenue (AC Transit 52). A transbay bus (Z) also runs from San Francisco to the Fourth Street area.

There is lockable bike storage in the basement at Fourth Street, with key card access. 

Please note that these schedules may be affected by the pandemic restrictions, so please visit the parking and transportation page or the local transportation websites (AC Transit, BART)  to verify availability.

What is the new mail code?

We’re transferring our existing mail codes and they will remain the same. Mail services keeps a list of the codes on their website

Are there restaurants or coffee places nearby?

Yes, there are several local restaurants within walking distance from our Fourth Street building. There’s a website dedicated to Fourth Street businesses where you can find information on restaurants.

Some highlights include:

  • Artis Coffee 

  • Peet’s Coffee 

  • 4th Street Bagel

  • Cafe M

  • Bette’s Oceanview Diner

  • Tacubaya

Can I work on campus if I need to before we move?

If you need to work on campus before we've moved to our new location, please let your manager or supervisor know.

Managers and supervisors should work with the Immediate Office ( as needed to make arrangements for those that want to be in the office.

If you do plan to be on campus, please follow the guidelines on the UC Berkeley Coronavirus webpage