Inactivating DeptIDs with Associated Transactions or Values

To inactivate a DeptID, you will need to clear all transactions and values in Actuals, Encumbrances, Permbudg, and Tempbudg. Review and resolve balances campus wide, not just in your division. There should be zero remaining balance at the DeptID, Fund, CF1, and CF2 level. A DeptID that has a zero balance may still have offsetting transactions in the Fund, CF1, or CF2 chartfields that net to zero, so it is essential that you check across all of these chartfields to be sure that there are no transactions.

If a DeptID has any UCPath activity it is likely considered active and should not be inactivated unless you work with UCPath and provide them with an alternative DeptID. Sample Cal Answers reports can be found in that section below.

DeptIDs with CGA-related Values are on Hold Until Further Notice

Due to the time constraints of the CGA department related to their role on the Common Chart of Accounts project, DeptIDs with CGA related values to clear are on hold until further notice. These include:

  • AR Bank Acc
  • AR Dst
  • AR Entry
  • AR Mis Dst
  • AR Pen Dst
  • AR Product Code
  • Award Primary ChartFields
  • BI Bill Stg
  • BI New Bill
  • Contract Deferred Revenue CFs
  • Contract Revenue CFs
  • Contract Unbilled AR CFs
  • Exp need FA processed
  • Exp need Rev Recognition
  • Exp need to be billed

Clearing Transactions and Values

To inactivate a DeptID, there must be no activity for at least twelve months. Run a Cal Answers report to determine the most recent activity on a DeptID.

Departments can clear the following COA values without the need to contact a third party within the university:

  • FedEx Acct: Active FedEx account COA default values
  • PCard Default
  • PCard Trns
  • PO: Purchase orders with status other than complete or canceled, with open distributions
  • REQ: Requisitions with open distribution that are not closed or canceled
  • SpeedType

COA Inactivation Report

The COA Inactivation Report Reference Guide provides suggested contacts for follow up on specific transaction types.

The guide also shows the procedure to run the COA Inactivation Report in BFS. As you clear transactions, re-run the COA Inactivation Report to see whether there are any Transaction Types or Trans IDs for the DeptID you wish to inactivate.

Cal Answers Reports

For more detailed transaction information, you can use the following bookmarks in Cal Answers to check for balances. Please be sure to change the filters to reflect your division and the current fiscal year and month:

For Cal Answers reports that you create, please be sure to:

  • Exclude Assets and Liability accounts
  • Exclude C&G Revenue accounts
  • Include Inactive Funds but do not clear them
    • Clearing balances on inactive funds will require coordination and a manual intervention to resolve, so we recommend that you flag the fund and notify the appropriate contact

Signoff Spreadsheet

When you have cleared all transactions and values, your DeptIDs will be ready for inactivation. Your signoff spreadsheet should include the DeptID to be inactivated, L3 Division, L4 Org Node, and L4 Description.

Transaction Processed on an Inactivated DeptID

In the event a transaction is processed in UCPath against an inactivated DeptID, the transaction will suspend upon upload to BFS and require manual intervention. Please contact DFL Concierge at to request the DeptID be temporarily reactivated. Please complete the process to resolve any transactions first, and then contact DFL Concierge when it is okay to place the DeptID back to inactive status.