DeptID planned for inactivation

Before submitting a DeptID for planned inactivation, please check the DeptID status in CalPlan list.  If the DeptID is marked for planned inactivation, indicated by N in the load to CalPlan column, you do not need to submit the DeptID for planned inactivation as the status was already updated in BFS to remove the ability to plan to the DeptID in CalPlanning.  DeptID planned inactivation submission requirements include:

  • Alternate DeptID(s) for each DeptID planned for inactivation.
  • Alternate DeptID(s) must be within the same L6 Org Node of the DeptID(s) to be placed on planned inactivation and must be active.

Note: DeptID's planned for inactivation are updated in BFS to restrict access to them in CalPlan.  When a DeptID is restricted, it cannot be unrestricted for future use.


Please send an email to with "Organizational Tree Request" in the subject line of your email. All inquiries must be reviewed and submitted by your Divisional Finance Leader to be considered by our concierge service.