Review org structure

Before requesting a change to your organizational hierarchy it is important to review your overall structure to ensure any changes are aligned with the existing structure or to help identify potential additional changes that have not yet been considered. (See Hierarchy Redesign Guidelines included under the Tools section for more detail on what should be considered when redesigning your hierarchy).

When requesting a change and presenting the change request to the Org Tree Changes Review Committee, it is important to provide a visualization of your existing organizational structure, the requested changes and a view of the final proposed organizational structure along with a business rationale.

  • For simple requests like description changes and new DeptID requests an excel version of the current organizational structure with highlighted changes is sufficient.
  • For complex requests that include new org node(s) with new or existing DeptID(s) and/or movements of org node(s) or DeptID(s) on the tree, excel and Visio files of the current and proposed structure with highlighted (color-coded) changes is required.
  • When making changes to your organizational structure it is important to consider both active and inactive DeptIDs when moving DeptIDs between org nodes and/or deleting existing org nodes.
  • Your business rationale should be included in your initial email request.


Please send an email to with "Organizational Tree Request" in the subject line of your email. All inquiries must be reviewedand submittedby yourDivisional Finance Leader to be considered by our concierge service.