DFL weekly update - June 2, 2023

Upcoming Deadlines at a Glance

  • Friday, 6/2 - Submit non-contract and grant deficit waiver requests (today)
  • Wednesday, 6/14 - Submit draft agreements for pledges or gifts that establish new funds
  • Friday, 6/16 - Complete External Audit Certification for Q4
  • Friday, 6/16 - Enter Permanent Budget transfers involving revenue rebudgets
  • Monday, 6/26 - Submit adjustment requests for FY23 gifts, payments and pledges
  • Friday, June 30 - Submit mailed gifts
  • Friday, 8/18 - Submit completed and approved org tree change requests

Budget process

Budget process update

Thank you for all your effort to complete and submit your FY2023 - 24 budget materials. The CalPlanning planning tools (CalPlan, HCP) are closed so the Financial Planning & Analysis team can review the budget submissions. CalPlan and HCP will remain unavailable while the FY24 Operating Budget is finalized. The budget meetings with your Dean or Vice Chancellor have been scheduled and will take place over the next few weeks.

Reserve Analysis

As in previous years, the reserve analysis will be part of the budget meeting documents that leadership will review. Your reserve analysis summary reports are available in the FY2023-2024 Budget Process subfolder within your Divisional folders. Please review it prior to your budget meeting. The report is based on your reserve analysis submission(s). Please contact the Financial Planning & Analysis team at dfl_concierge@berkeley.edu if you have any questions.

Action Items

Submit non-contract and grant deficit waiver requests by Friday, June 2 (today)

The non-contract and grant (C&G) FY2022-23 Deficit Waiver request form is now available on the VC Finance website. If you are planning to submit a non-C&G waiver request, complete the form by Friday, June 2. As a reminder, all divisions are expected to meet their operating needs within their available funding; waivers should only be requested for exceptional circumstances. Deficits less than $25,000 are not eligible for a waiver request. To assist in this process, use the fund deficit report in Cal Answers: Dashboards>Finance>Fund Deficits Reporting>Deficits to be Cleared. Note that you do not need to submit a new request for a previously approved multi-year deficit waiver unless you require a higher waiver amount. To view waivers that were approved as part of a prior multi-year request, use the waiver report in Cal Answers: Dashboards>Finance>Fund Deficits Reporting>Waivers and Tolerances. More information about non-C&G deficit resolution policy and processes, including waiver eligibility thresholds, how to clear deficits, and what happens if a deficit is not cleared, is available on the Fiscal closing related webpage. If you have other questions regarding the non-C&G deficit clearing process, please contact the Financial Planning & Analysis team at dfl_concierge@berkeley.edu.

Complete External Audit Certification for Q4 by Friday, June 16

To ensure the completeness and accuracy of the quarterly Controller's report on the campus' external audit activities, please help us identify the campus' external audit activities. The Controller's Office is sending a separate email with additional information to DFLs with known external audit activity. By Friday, June 16, 2023, please submit the materials below to gao@berkeley.edu:

  • All DFLs: External Audit Confirmation Form (You must return the completed External Audit Confirmation Form even if you do not have any external audit activities so we can certify campus responses.)
  • DFLs with external audit activities: External Audit Confirmation Template (Include any related documentation with the template, i.e. notification of the commencement of the audit, audit report, etc.)

If you have questions, please contact gao@berkeley.edu.

Submit permanent budget transfers by Friday, June 16

Complete the Permanent Budget Journal Approval Request form to submit permanent budget transfers within your division by Friday, June 16. This includes any rebudgets to your revenue to fulfill these transfers. If you have questions, contact centralresourcemanagement@berkeley.edu with "permanent budget journal approval" in the subject line of your email.

Submit completed and approved org tree change requests by Friday, August 18

If you would like to submit changes to the Org Tree, please submit your completed, Budget and Financial Operations (BFO) Committee approved request by August 18. We recommend that you submit your change request form for review as soon as possible to allow time for the BFO team to review your request, follow up with you for any necessary clarification, approve your request, and allow you time to obtain all required signatures before the submission deadline. As a reminder, the May 16 submission date was the last day that approved change requests could be submitted for entry to the May Master Org Tree. Allowable changes through May 31 included New DeptIDs, New Org Nodes, and Description Changes. Important: The Org Tree is now closed to all changes through fiscal close.

The time needed to review change requests will vary, depending on the complexity of the request. For more information:

  • A high-level summary of the process to approve org tree changes is available on the DFL concierge webpage.
  • An overview of the org tree change submission deadlines is available in the Org Tree Submission and Processing Timeline. Important: Please review the update on the estimated processing time for journal source configuration of new L4 org node codes. As a reminder, journal source configuration for new L4’s is required if there is a need to prepare and approve journals.
  • Please review the Org Tree Calendar for the timeline of allowable org tree changes throughout the year.
  • Please review the new Org Tree Lookup Tool This new tool replaces the monthly manually produced Master Org Tree and will provide the most current org tree data as of one business day before. Training materials and Job Aids are located on the CFO website.
  • There are updates coming soon to the Department Prefixes, and How to Create Visio files job aids located in the Tools and job aids section of the Organizational Tree web page.
  • Please submit questions and requests for changes to the Org Tree to dfl_concierge@berkeley.edu. Note: If you plan to request an Org Node change or Entity Hierarchy redesign, please contact dfl_concierge@berkeley.edu and explain what you would like to change before completing the request form because these changes are typically more complex and involve longer consultations.

2022-23 Fiscal year close - gift and pledge guidelines

We are reaching out to share this year's fiscal close deadlines, submission guidelines, and contact information published by UDAR's Gift Services and Fund Stewardship & Compliance teams. Please review the flyer on Eureka.

Below is a summary of key deadlines for submitting gifts and pledges that are to be included in FY23 totals:

  • Wednesday, June 14 is the deadline to submit via Fiat Docx draft agreements for pledges or outright gifts that establish new funds. Questions about gift agreements may be addressed to Fund Stewardship & Compliance at Fundhelp@berkeley.edu.
  • Monday, June 26 is the deadline to submit adjustment requests for FY23 gifts, payments and pledges using the Adjustment Request Portal.
  • Friday, June 30 is the deadline for:
    • delivery of mailed gifts to Gift Services.
    • executed and signed gift agreements to Fund Stewardship & Compliance.
    • gifts of securities or Wires/ACH to be received in the UC Berkeley brokerage or bank accounts, respectively. Notify GiveSecurities@berkeley.edu of any pending securities gifts. Notify GiftHelp@berkeley.edu of any pending wire/ACH gifts.

Help decide how we will process reimbursements on campus

As part of our effort to provide easy-to-use, efficient, and cost-effective solutions for the campus, we’re currently evaluating our legacy reimbursement system with our existing enterprise solution, BFS Financials. We invite DFLs and folks with relevant knowledge of the reimbursement system to a live demonstration of how PeopleSoft Expenses works. We will demonstrate how to log and submit expenses for hotel, airline, meals, entertainment expenses, and more. Your feedback will help us understand if PeopleSoft Expenses is better, the same, or worse than the functionality of our long-standing legacy reimbursement system. Please have faculty and staff, payees, approvers, and preparers who currently enter or approve reimbursement requests in the Reimbursement System attend one of the available demo session times. Complete this Demo Session Participants registration form to attend a session. If you have any questions contact us at controller@berkeley.edu.

Informational Updates

Endowment FY24 payout projections are now available

Endowment payout projections for FY24 are now available through the Cal Advancement Database System (CADS), where users can look at estimates for specific funds or run reports for a school/college, division, or department. Users can run the Future Payout Report in CADSmart or look at payout estimates for individual funds on the allocation screens. Divisional Finance Leads should contact Fund Stewardship & Compliance at fundhelp@berkeley.edu with any endowment payout questions. To learn more about endowments, please go to Eureka, Berkeley's advancement intranet, which can be accessed with your CalNet credentials.

Office hours for BearBUY beginning Tuesday, June 20

SCM is pleased to announce a new remote office hour program which will be held every third Tuesday of the month from 10:00 - 10:50 am. Representatives from Supply Chain Management will be on hand to listen to your questions and provide information about purchasing at Berkeley. We encourage you to submit questions in advance using this Google form. Sign in using this Zoom link. You’ll need to sign in through your UC Berkeley Zoom account.

Cal Answers Training

Please review the self-service learning resources on the Cal Answers website, where Cal Answers users will find a complete course in basic navigation as well as short videos, job aids, wiki documentation, and a list of Frequently Asked Questions. Additionally, the two-hour instructor-led classes build on the basic navigation skills covered in the self-study. There are separate courses focusing on financial dashboards and student data dashboards. In the class, a subject matter expert will guide a deep dive into the reports and data available in the dashboards and answer specific questions.

Changes to the DFL in your division?

If the DFL role in your division is changing, email fpa@berkeley.edu to ensure our website, communications, and training plans are updated.

DFL Weekly Updates Page

As a reminder, these updates are regularly posted to the DFL Weekly Updates page so you can reference past updates at any time. Additionally, the Operational Deadlines page provides an overview of deliverables by quarter.

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Office of the Vice Chancellor of Finance