Resources on remote work policies for VC Finance

June 25, 2020
VC Finance Colleagues,
As we prepare for the fall, the Chancellor and the People & Culture team have provided several updates around working remotely. Below are updates that address some of the most frequently asked questions from our staff. 
In the People & Culture “Hot Topic FAQs” section on working remotely, you’ll find the answer to many of the questions about remote work. Additionally, UCOP has shared guidelines for reimbursable expenses while working remotely during the Shelter-in-Place. These are clarifications on the relevant policies for reimbursement of things such as meals, internet connectivity, phone lines, and printers. 
Work from home to continue through January 1
As Chief People & Culture Officer Eugene Whitlock announced on Monday, June 15, between now and January 1, 2021, employees whose work can be performed remotely will continue to work from home. That period could be shorter if pandemic conditions improve and longer if pandemic conditions worsen. The determination of your appropriate work location should be made in collaboration with your supervisor (manager, department chair, etc.).
Accessing your office
According to the Chancellor’s message on Wednesday, June 17, in order to have access to UC Berkeley worksites, each employee and contractor is required to:
More information about who should and should not return to working on campus (and other university work sites) was included in this message which was sent on June 15. Visit this section of the campus coronavirus website for more details.
Purchasing ergonomic equipment
In the People & Culture “Hot Topic FAQs” section on working remotely, the first question outlines the steps to take if you do not have a comfortable workstation at home. This includes the steps you are required to take before you can request the purchase of additional items, such as ergonomic equipment, for your workstation. 
Remote work expenses - including mobile phones
If an employee incurs additional expenses as a direct consequence of having to work remotely (e.g. needing to purchase internet access for home, changing cell phone plans, or buying toner for a printer used for work documents) they can request reimbursement. However, employees should talk with their supervisor before incurring any expenses. 
Using home internet for business purposes
The People & Culture “Hot Topic FAQs” captures the information available about using your home internet for business purposes. Currently, the FAQs communicate that if an employee does not already have internet service in the primary remote work area, an employee may be reimbursed if their manager agrees. If an employee already has internet service in the primary remote work area but requires an upgrade, the manager has the discretion to pay for an upgrade. The FAQs outline the steps to take if reimbursement is being sought. 
Parking and Transportation
For updated information about parking on campus, please visit the Parking & Transportation website.
Customer Service:
  • The Parking & Transportation Customer Service office at 1995 University Ave, Suite 110, will gradually open beginning Monday 6/1/20 according to this summer schedule. Please note that masks or face coverings will be required to be worn in the office, according to campus policy
  • Please e-mail if possible as telephone support may not be widely available during the reopening.
Parking Fees:
  • Effective as of June 1, 2020, Parking Permits or Parking Fees will be required to park in campus parking facilities.
  • There will be changes to the Summer Session parking permits that are available for sale.
  • Employees who choose to take public transportation to campus should confirm their transit agency's operational status at before departing.
  • Overnight parking restriction is still in place: No parking 2 am-5 am.
Administrative leave
More information on administrative leave related to COVID-19 is available on the People & Culture COVID-19 resource page. This includes the UCOP guidance on COVID-19 related leaves and job protection, guidelines on returning to campus, and a summary table of leave types for easy reference under the “Leaves & Pay Continuation” section. There is also quite a bit of information relating to leaves in the People & Culture “Hot Topic FAQs”
Thank you,
Rosemarie Rae
Vice Chancellor of Finance and Chief Financial Officer