Cal Answers HR Workforce Detail dashboard updated with compensation data reports

June 27, 2019
Cal Answers HR Community,
As part of the UCPath conversion, we updated the Cal Answers HR Workforce Detail dashboard and we are pleased to announce it is now live with an additional two Compensation Data tabs.
Release timeline for dashboards affected by UCPath
We're working to re-release the affected Cal Answers reports with data from UCPath and have posted the working draft of our timeline on the Cal Answers website. 
HR Workforce Detail dashboard - with UCPath data
The key changes with this release are the two new tabs related to Compensation Data: "Compensation Data As of Date" and "Compensation Data by Date Range". 
Compensation Data is similar to what already exists with the Job Data report but it includes the Compensation Rate Codes for an employee. If, for instance, an employee's compensation is composed of an annual base rate and an off-scale rate, the employee will have two rows in the Compensation Data reports, one for each compensation component. This data used to show up together in the old Job Data report, where there were two fields for individual compensation components, but they are separated in the new dashboard since an employee can have an unlimited number of compensation rate codes in UCPath. These tabs are useful in analyzing the components of an individual's pay, or the use of special compensation rates such as Above Scale across a campus organizational unit.
The other two reports within the HR Legacy Workforce Detail dashboard - Job Earnings Distribution Data and Termination and Org Change Data - will be updated and included in this dashboard in future releases. 
Training resources
  • HR Workforce Detail Wiki: The wiki for Workforce Detail has been updated with definitions of the terms used in the new dashboard and an overview of the new reporting tabs. 
  • HR Workforce Detail Job Aid: The job aids for the new dashboards are available on the HR Reporting page.
  • Webinar Training: The Cal Answers team is offering two webinars on July 18 and 25 that will provide an overview of the Workforce Detail dashboard to date. Please visit the training page to learn more and sign up. We'll also post a recorded webinar to the Cal Answers website afterwards.
Access to the new dashboards
If you have access to the Legacy Workforce Detail dashboard, you have access to the new dashboard and do not need to take any action. If you did not previously have access and would like to request it, please follow the instructions in the"Campus Workforce Planning (HR) Dashboards and Ad Hoc Access" section on the Access page.
Questions and feedback
If you have technical questions about using Cal Answers, please contact the Cal Answers Help Desk at 664-9000 (option 1, then option 2) or
Thank you,
Cal Answers Team
Office of the Vice Chancellor of Finance