Management Reporting Fund Group Codes

New fund groupings have been added to BFS and BAIRS to facilitate management reporting. These management reporting groups will be used in the campus budget process, Cal Profiles, and other ad hoc management reports. The management fund reporting codes have been added as attributes to the fund table in BFS and to the BAIRS reports shown below. These groups distinguish between those funds used for a unit's base operations, and those funds restricted to very specific purposes, such as research projects.

Download a list of the new codes, code descriptions, rollup categories, and fund mapping logic.

BAIRS reports that currently contain these management fund codes are:

  • GL Sum by Account L4 BUDSUM
  • GL Sum by Five ChartFields
  • Permbudg Ledger Summary
  • Permbudg Position Balance
  • Permbudg Journal Activity by Account

None of the pre-formatted or "canned" reports associated with these reports include these fields. In order to use these new codes in these BAIRS reports, you must go behind the dashboard to the query section and add them to the "request" and/or "limits(s)" sections as needed. These new fields are located in the COA Attribute metatopic of the reports and carry the prefix Fund Mgmt Rpt as shown in the example below from the GL Sum by Account L4 BUDSUM report.

To see the new codes in BFS, go to the ChartField Maintenance > Fund Code > Fund Definition panel as shown below: