Frequently Asked Questions - UCPath Implementation

How do I identify a suspended transaction?

Using the Cal Answers GL Detail Report

Select the appropriate period Filter for the two salary account codes 50200 & 51200 Enter Fund Code value of 69995 Enter the Allocation deptID value

Can we change the default chartstring?

No. This is managed by the Controller's Office. If you have questions about this, you can contact

When will the new HR and Payroll reports with UCPath data be available in Cal Answers?

The implementation of UCPath affects HR and Payroll Leave Accrual reports. These reports will have data available as of Friday, March 8 from pre-UCPath and then the data will remain static as of that date while we work to transition the data source from Human Capital Management (HCM) to UCPath.

General Ledger reports, Financial Management reports, and PI Portfolio, as well as the associated ad hoc reporting, are unaffected.

The current Cal Answers Payroll Expense Detail report will continue to be updated with funding transfers for pre-...

How do we distinguish between appointment types in the general ledger?

Within the GL, analysts can no longer distinguish between appointment types as all compensation transactions are booked into one GL account (51200). Is there a plan to modify the Cal Answers Payroll Expense Details report to include appointment type?

In Cal Answers, you can currently include job code and job code description, which can help with categorizing jobs.

The Cal Answers team has put the suggested update (include appointment type in the Payroll Expense Detail report) on their list of upgrades.

What is the new Payroll posting schedule?

There is a UCPath production processing schedule available on the UCPath Center webpage.

Payroll expense transfers processed in PPS for pre-UCPath payroll entries (transactions for pay periods ending 03/09/19 and prior) will continue to be posted once a month in BFS with the PPS data available for reporting in the legacy Payroll Expense report in Cal Answers. You can find the schedule by going to...