Frequently Asked Questions - UCPath Implementation

What is the deadline for Post-UCPath Funding Corrections (processed as Direct Retros)?

Requests for final position funding entries with effective dates after 3/1 (for MO) and 3/10 (for BW) that are handled by BRS must be submitted by 6/3.

Please note: for Position Funding updates handled by departments/units, 6/19 (BW) and 6/24 (MO) are the final UCPath Pay Confirm dates.

When will I see my journals posted to the ledger? How do I know they posted?

In the future journals will post as they come in, with direct retros and off-cycle payments being processed several times a week. Right now we are experiencing numerous data issues with UCPath delivered journals and we have to manually fix them which is a time consuming process. Due to this, we will post all journals on a bi-weekly and monthly cycle through May. As we resolve these issues we are hoping to be able to post once a week. Once the issues are resolved the journals will post automatically as they come in.

Use the payroll cycle schedule as a reference....

What happened with the CBR assessment on the PostDoc Fellows title code 3253?

CBR was assessed on PostDoc Fellows (title code 3253) in March 2019. Previously PostDoc Fellows have been exempt from CBR based on Berkeley’s policy. CBR is now managed by OP and is processed in UCPath. Per discussion with OP, Berkeley was allowed to continue excluding PostDoc Fellows from CBR assessment through FY19. To reverse March assessment, we recorded a manual reversing journal in March and will update the subsidiary table in BFS for the system journal to post correctly in April. We requested a configuration change in UCPath to fix this issue and it was implemented.

Should z-coded compensation (flat $ rate) be assessed for vacation (e.g. SAS)?

UCPath has standardized the CBR and Vacation assessments. If an Earn Code is assessed CBR than then it will likely be assessed Vacation. Please note that CBR is assessed on salary net of vacation taken.

Earn Codes CBR exclusion UC Berkeley DOS to earn code mapping

Are there changes to the CBR charges?

UCPath has standardized Z-coded compensations system-wide. For a list of all new Z Earn Codes, please see the list of Earn Codes CBR Exclusion. We are working with other UC's and UCPath to address the Academic Stipend vacation assessed issue. Since this is a system-wide issue it will take some time to address.

Earn Codes CBR exclusion...

Are the suspense chartstrings going to be excluded from the deficit clearing process?

Suspense chartstrings will not be excluded from the deficit clearing process. Units will need to clear all L4-fund deficits by fiscal close per policy.

How do I correct a suspended transaction?

Look up historical chartstring usage Review Position Funding in UCPath Identify a new funding source (if appropriate) Corrections in UCPath should include processing a Direct Retro as well as updating the Position Funding.