Frequently Asked Questions - FY2019-20 Budget Process

Would you please confirm whether CalPlan includes the new UCRP payroll assessment at 0.65%?

While the UCRP assessment is included in CalPlan when the month has been actualized, CalPlan does not include the mechanic to plan for account 53709 at the moment (due to timing of the release of the information related to the assessment). The amount may be immaterial to any particular division, and benefits are in general, over planned in CalPlan (for various reasons). DFLs may enter a DeptID adjustment if they want to include the amount in their plans.

Under 71302 support I see a $ amount for my division. What is this for?

This is the $5.0M referenced in the Budget Call letter that is being provided as a one-time adjustment to help defray the cost of the 3% merit rate for staff salaries. For academic units, these amounts were loaded in CalPlan from the central commitment database, and the amounts can also be seen on the divisional Intersection Detail Reports (IDRs). For non-academic units, the decision was made after the database load to CalPlan, so these amounts do not show up on the IDRs; however, affected units were emailed with their respective amounts on February 19th. These amounts were...

How do we update changes in the general allocation (from one DeptID to another) in CalPlan?

We loaded what was in the permanent budget as of December 31, 2018 to July 2019 (FY20) in CalPlan to account 71110. If divisions later make changes to the permanent budget, these changes should be noted with 74101 transfers in CalPlan as FP&A does not make these late changes for the divisions. The general allocation will be updated for academic units once Form A has been returned and uploaded.