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Forms and Templates

Recharge Self Certification Forms

  • Certification Checklist Form (Excel)
    (Note: If you click on the form, you will see that there are eight separate sheets in the same Excel workbook file.)

Recharge Activity Rate Development Samples/Templates (Excel)

Interdepartmental Forms

Roles and Responsibilities

DFL Roles & Responsibilities

  • Coordinate with their Recharge units to submit self-certification forms with an acknowledgment of divisional review and approval.
  • Ensure that proposed recharge rates are considered in their division’s budgeted recharge income.
  • Once Recharge Rates are approved, inform their primary campus clients of the new recharge dollar amounts and discuss planned recharged volumes. This will help to ensure their clients’ budgets accurately reflect the new values and campuswide planned recharge income ties to planned recharge expenses.

Office of the CFO Roles & Responsibilities

  • Compile all Recharge Rate submissions, prepare a schedule of proposed rates, and provide these materials to DFLs within a month of submission.
  • Conduct a review and analysis of divisional recharge rate submissions and follow-up with DFLs for further information as needed.