Welcome to the Office of the CFO

The Office of the CFO's three-year strategic plan clarifies that our main objective between FY2014 - 2017 is to: provide innovative, collaborative, client-focused financial, analytical and administrative management to our campus partners while providing our team clarity, focus and the space for creativity. Our office of approximately 300 employees plans to accomplish this objective with five key strategies, each aligned to specific projects assigned to senior staff with the CFO organization. 

FY2014 - 2017 Office of CFO strategies:

  1. Achieve financial strength - Align financial resources to campus strategies.
  2. Simplify processes - Standardize and simplify policies, business processes and internal controls for campus partner satisfaction, greater efficiency and compliance. 
  3. Build a service oriented model of campus engagement - Engage campus partners through adoption, acceptance and satisfaction of applications, processes and tools.
  4. Leverage data for strategic decision making - Leverage and institutionalize financial, academic and human resource data sets for strategic decision making.
  5. Promote collaboration and professional development – Build and maintain a culture of collaboration and continuous professional development that supports accountability, engagement and opportunity.

These strategies are intended to help the us adopt a service model that puts campus units at the center of our work, and to measure our success on the success of the units we support. The strategy document itself is an essential first step in committing thoughtfully and communicating expectations to our campus partners. Internally, the strategies will help create greater clarity and focus for CFO team members and confirm our office's investment in idea generation, engagement, and planning. 

Supply Chain Management 2014 Thank You

Supply Chain Management 2014 Thank You

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