Welcome to our Divisional Finance Leaders resource page where campus faculty and staff can identify their Divisional Finance Leaders and our Divisional Finance Leaders have access to the tools they need to get their work done.

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The Divisional Finance Leader (DFL) develops and implements their division's budget process, advises their leadership team on key budgetary decisions, and serves as an advocate for the needs and priorities of their division. More specifically they:

  • Manage the development and execution of the division’s multi-year and annual budget plans. Support the budget submission to the EVCP and preparation for the annual budget hearing. Advocate the division’s needs and priorities.
  • Advise their leadership on key budgetary decisions, e.g., allocating campus support, aligning resources, making budgetary trade-offs to meet division’s strategic priorities.
  • Engage in campus financial planning and initiatives. Work with the campus to review their division’s financial status and maintain the budget process.
  • Periodically (e.g., monthly or quarterly) review the division’s financial status to address issues and foster informed and effective decision-making.
  • Establish a process for the ongoing monitoring of budget-to-actuals and meaningful financial management reporting within the division.
  • Establish internal financial control (e.g., SAS115) and ensure financial procedures are within compliance.
  • Authorize, or empower delegates to authorize, CalPlanning security requests and provide local tool assistance. Go to  the list of local support contacts for current information.

Find a DFL

Academic Senate & EVCP Jules Freedman jjf1@berkeley.edu
Academic & Space Planning John Scroggs scroggs@berkeley.edu
Administration & Finance Elena Wen Jiang wjiang@berkeley.edu
Berkeley Art Museum & Pacific Film Archive Rebecca Hoag rhoag@berkeley.edu
Berkeley Law Drew Knab aknab@berkeley.edu
Cal Performances Calvin Eng ceng@berkeley.edu
College of Environmental Design Jan Miller jpmiller@berkeley.edu
College of Chemistry Suzanne Sutton suttons@berkeley.edu
College of Engineering Dat Le dat@berkeley.edu
College of Natural Resources Babs Lane babs@berkeley.edu
Equity & Inclusion  Marsha Jaeger, Interim mjaeger@berkeley.edu
Goldman School of Public Policy Merle Hancock mah@berkeley.edu
Graduate Division Michael Ferencz mfgrad@berkeley.edu
Graduate School of Education Alex Luna aluna@berkeley.edu
Haas School of Business Suresh Bhat sureshbhat@haas.berkeley.edu
Intercollegiate Athletics David Secor davidsecor@berkeley.edu
L&S Arts & Humanities Anna Weidman aweidman@berkeley.edu
L&S Biological Sciences Amy Robinson amaria@berkeley.edu
L&S Core Terrence Ireland irelandt@berkeley.edu
L&S Math & Physical Sciences Wanda Nieters wnieters@berkeley.edu
L&S Social Sciences Nicole Cernok nicole.cernok@berkeley.edu
L&S Undergraduate Division Jean Delaney jdelaney@berkeley.edu
Office for the Faculty Carolyn Capps capps@berkeley.edu
Office of the Chancellor Wanda Ellison Crocket wellisoncrockett@berkeley.edu
Real Estate Grace Crvarich gcrvarich@berkeley.edu
Research, Policy, Planning & Administration David Castellanos dcastell@berkeley.edu
School of Information Jenny Collins jenny@ischool.berkeley.edu
School of Journalism Roia Ferrazares roia@berkeley.edu
School of Optometry Anna Lim, Interim aylim@berkeley.edu
School of Public Health Denise Cronin, Interim cronin@berkeley.edu
School of Social Welfare Heidi Wagner hwagner@berkeley.edu
Student Affairs Tom Lowry thomaslowry@berkeley.edu
Summer Session & Study Abroad Moon Jang-Shinn mshinn@berkeley.edu
UC Library Su-Lin Shum slshum@berkeley.edu
Undergraduate Education Moon Jang-Shinn mshinn@berkeley.edu
University Extension Scott Shireman scottshireman@berkeley.edu
University Development & Alumni Relations Linda Moran ljmf@berkeley.edu

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