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Berkeley Integrated Budget System (BIBS)

Berkeley Integrated Budget & Staffing System (BIBS) is a module within Berkeley Financial Systems (BFS). It is a multi-purpose system that is part budgeting system, part allocation and funding mechanism, and part position management tool.

With the introduction of new systems and business processes over the past several years, including CalPlanning, HCM Position Management, and Operating Transfers, the system has become largely redundant and is being partially retired over the course of fiscal years 2015-16 and 2016-17.

The parts of BIBS that are retiring are the Position Resource Tracking (PRT) and tempbudg, while the permbudg will remain for the foreseeable future. Information about BIBS retirement will be posted regularly on this website as updates become available.

BIBS retirement phases

  • Phase I - Staff/NFA PRT—retired 7/1/2016
  • Phase II - Faculty PRT—retires 7/1/2017 (more information to follow)
  • Phase III - Tempbudg—expected to begin later this year (more information to follow)