Actualized Forecast & Simplified HCP Release Details

CalPlanning closed 2/7-2/21

CalPlanning will be closed for edits from Wednesday, February 7 to Wedneday, February 21, while we actualize compensation data and refresh HCP with data from HCM.

December Release: CalPlan Forecast actualized with everything but compensation data.

In December, the following changes will be live in CalPlan:

  • Forecast Working will be actualized for all of FY18 closed months (July–November) with everything but compensation data.
  • The Forecast Working YearTotal values will reflect the sum of actuals for closed months plus Forecast Working for current and future months.
  • There will be a new “Prior Month” version which provides visibility to the prior month’s Forecast values as of the last working day of the month
  • In the new Actualized Forecast form in CalPlan you will only see the prior month values.
  • Using the reporting tools, you can pull the entire year Forecast  “Prior Month” version.
  • At the monthly close, the prior month’s Forecast values will be overwritten with Actuals.
  • Non-compensation data will be moved to the five high-level fund buckets (unrestricted, designated, restricted gift, restricted endowments and FFE’s, contracts and grants).
  • The current 19 fund buckets will still be available to edit in CalPlan and HCP until we simplify HCP in February and move all data into the five high-level fund buckets.  

February Release: HCP Forecast actualized and simplified.

In February, the following changes will be live in HCP and CalPlan:

  • FY18 Forecast working compensation data will be actualized for all closed months.
  • In HCP, Planners will plan by month, rather than by Effective Start and End dates and will update employee regular pay rates and distribution percentages by month.
  • DeptID adjustments, as well as pooled positions, will be converted to the simplified fund buckets.
  • The remaining 14 planning fund buckets will no longer be available in HCP and CalPlan.
  • Process for updating salary, adding an employee, and planning for DeptID adjustments will be simplified.