Actualized Forecast & Simplified HCP


The Actualized Forecast and CalPlanning Human Capital Planning (HCP) Simplification project team implemented a set of enhancements for the FY2018-19 budget cycle to:

  • overwrite  the working forecast for closed periods with Actuals data
  • streamline compensation planning in our current HCP application.

This project is now complete.

Actualized Forecast

With the new Actualized Forecast process at the close of each month, we overwrite the Forecast values with Actuals data from BFS. The month is then closed to edits. With this process Year Total and Quarter periods are now read-only in CalPlan. This will impact the working Forecast in both CalPlan and HCP (February 2018). Actuals data is not displayed in the HCP tool; they are only available in the reports, which makes forecasting difficult if the impact of actuals is not incorporated into the Forecast. The project:

  • Provides actualization of the forecast once a month with data loaded by distribution entity, CalPlan account, fund type and Chartfield1 and for HCP (February 2018) by employee, and job code.
  • Creates a new snapshot version, "Prior Month" to enable variance reporting between the Forecast values for the prior closed month and the newly loaded Actuals to alert planners to major variances between plan and actuals.

Simplified HCP

The HCP application was redesigned in order to simplify the process of creating and editing compensation plans and improve the user experience. The enhancements:
  • Replace effective dates with periods, to allow planners to update employee details by month.
  • Offer new exception reporting to alert planners to changes in compensation planning.
  • Simplify analysis and reconciliation between Human Capital Management (HCM) data and HCP plans.
  • Provide enhanced reporting on comments in HCP.
  • Allow compensation planning to be done and uploaded using forms in Smart View.