Tracking expenses related to the coronavirus

March 17, 2020

Divisional Finance Leaders and Chief Administrative Officers,

As you move forward with preparing for and mitigating the impact of the coronavirus to your daily operations, please track the expenses related to the coronavirus by using the following pay codes and chartfields. Please proactively monitor and record how these codes are being used. 

Tracking compensation expenses

If an employee has been granted administrative leave with pay as a result of COVID-19, the employee will need to use pay code CV19-Admin Leave with Pay in CalTime. This type of pay will be processed in UCPath and mapped to the following earn codes:


Employee Type

Earn Code

Earn Code Description



REG Paid Leave-Salaried



REG Paid Leave-Hourly


Please refer to UCOP outlined guidance regarding the use of paid administrative leave.   

Tracking non-compensation expenses

To track non-compensation expenses related to the coronavirus, please use either of the following chartfield codes, when and where possible:

  • Chartfield code 1: COVD19

  • Chartfield code 2: COV19

Please use these codes for expenses such as technology for remote work and instruction (e.g., purchase of laptops, Zoom, learning management systems, etc.), extra costs for facilities cleaning (e.g., cleaning supplies, hand sanitizers, deep cleaning services, etc.), and medical services (e.g., testing kits, medical supplies, staff training, etc.).  Even though we are tracking these expenses, this does not mean all expenses charged to these codes will be reimbursed. Expenses that are charged to the COVD19 (CF1) or COV19 (CF2) codes will be subject to audit by the state.

We’ll continue to reach out to you as we receive more information. 





Rosemarie Rae

Vice Chancellor of Finance and Chief Financial Officer