Our Berkeley -- average GPA by major dashboard and other available data

April 18, 2018

Dear Campus Community,

Over the past year the Office of the Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost, the ASUC student leaders, and VC Finance’s Office of Planning and Analysis (OPA) have been collaborating on ways to better equip students with information that allows them to provide contextual data about their Berkeley grade point averages (GPA) to prospective employers and graduate schools.

Toward this intent, OPA has developed a page on the Our Berkeley website dedicated to average GPA of degree recipients by major. The GPA by Major dashboard displays historical data on aggregated grade point averages for degree recipients in UC Berkeley undergraduate major programs. This data is now available to the campus and to the public and can be shared accordingly.

Our Berkeley is a public-facing, comprehensive website featuring data and narratives on the major dimensions of our university. We encourage you to take some time to acquaint yourself with this online resource and in particular would like to highlight the following recently added dashboards:

Additional dashboards will be released in the coming months on topics such as sponsored projects, class size, and the Career Destinations Survey.

If you have questions about the data available on Our Berkeley, please contact OPA through this online form. If you would like to communicate with ASUC representatives on their efforts around contextual grades or academics, please email aavp@asuc.org.

A. Paul Alivisatos
Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost

Andrew Iyan Bullitt
ASUC Academic Affairs Vice President

Amber Machamer
Executive Director, Office of Planning and Analysis