January 2017 DFL Forum

January 26, 2017

The Office of the CFO and the DFLs came together on Wednesday, January 25 for the first Financial Forum of the New Year.

The agenda included:

  • HCM clean-up project update, Rosemarie Rae
  • Recap of the principles and timeline of the budget process, Rosemarie Rae
  • Updates on the development of key elements:
    • Strategic Plan, Rosemarie Rae
    • Budget Targets, Wanda Nieters, Maya Woodson Turman
    • Revenue Generation Plan, Suzanne Sutton, Seija Virtanen
    • Budget Template, Stephanie Metz, Kevin Mack
    • Communications, Rosemarie Rae
  • Website hub of resources, Rosemarie Rae