FY2018-19 Operating Budget open; actualized compensation data and simplified HCP available; FY2018-19 budget process update

February 22, 2018

CalPlanning Community,

The FY2018-19 Operating Budget is now open in CalPlanning. Please read below for information about tool enhancements and budget process planning.

Actualized compensation data and simplified HCP now available

We’re excited to announce that CalPlanning is now open with the following updates:

  • FY2017-18 Forecast Working is available with all closed months overwritten with actual data for all accounts, including compensation!

  • FY2018-19 Operating Budget Initial and Working versions are now available; Working version is open for edits.

  • Both the FY2017-18 Forecast and the FY2018-19 Operating Budget in HCP are refreshed with the latest employee data from HCM.

  • HCP now displays employee and pooled position plan data by month for easier editing and review. This means there will be less right-clicking.

  • All plan data is now moved to the five high-level fund buckets. This means Planners only have access to plan to the five funds in CalPlan and HCP.

  • The read-only FY2017-18 Forecast Q2 Submission is now available in CalRptg.

Please take advantage of these opportunities to learn more:

FY2018-19 budget process timeline available, more information coming soon

Throughout the FY2018-19 budget process your one-stop resource for announcements, instructions, templates, forms, and timeline with due dates is the budget process hub of the VC Finance website.

  • Budget process timelinePlease note the key dates on this year’s budget process timeline. As needed, the timeline will be updated weekly on Fridays.

  • Form A - coming soon
    We plan to release Form A to the Divisional Finance Leaders the week of February 26. Completion of Form A is required for divisions with ladder-ranked faculty. Once completed, Form A will be due to the Financial Planning & Analysis team by Monday, March 26 at dfl_concierge@berkeley.edu

  • Call letter, guidelines and assumptions, templates - coming soonIn the week of March 5 we plan to release the campus call letter, guidelines and assumptions, new multi-year budget template, revenue generation template, and narrative template to the Divisional Finance Leaders. All of these materials will also be posted to the budget process hub of the VC Finance website.


If you have questions about your divisional budget process, including CalPlanning, contact your Divisional Finance Leader or local CalPlanning tool support. For technical CalPlanning questions outside of your divisional processes, please contact the CalPlanning Help Desk at calplanhelp@berkeley.edu

Thank you,

Office of the Vice Chancellor of Finance