Encumbrance and Procurement Card Reporting now available

September 13, 2018
Cal Answers Financials and BAIRS Community,

Based on your feedback, rather than doing a phased shut-off we'll leave all the BAIRS dashboards open through December 21On December 22, 2018 we will close down BAIRS and the system will no longer be accessible.

As we get closer to BAIRS retirement, please take this opportunity to use Cal Answers for all your reporting activities while BAIRS is still available to ensure you can find the information you need within the new dashboards.

Encumbrance and Procurement Card Reporting
We're pleased to announce that Encumbrance Reporting and the Procurement Card report are now available.
  • Encumbrance Reporting is a new report tab within the General Ledger dashboard that tracks outstanding liabilities to suppliers awaiting payment. It will be especially useful to professionals who use BearBuy and/or BFS to close out purchase orders.
  • Procurement Card is a new report tab within the Spend dashboard in the Procure to Pay subject area and tracks transactions that need to be cleared in BFS. It will be relevant to professionals who track procurement card purchases.
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Once you have access to Cal Answers Finance, we'll automatically grant you access to all the new dashboards that fall under Finance Access as they are released. Visit the Cal Answers Financials webpage to learn more about access and which dashboards are included in Finance Access.

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