CalPlanning Blackout March 16-17; Toolkit Reminders; Making Changes to Planned Home Department

March 10, 2016
There will be a CalPlanning blackout from Wednesday, March 16 to Thursday, March 17 for the Forecast and Operating Budget snapshot and February monthly Actuals data load to CalPlan.
We're providing you with a Planner Submission snapshot of your FY16 Forecast Working and FY17 Operating Budget Working part way through budget development so you may evaluate your progress with stable numbers. If your data is ready at this time, this snapshot will be a useful tool to manage your work and ensure your planning entries are meeting your goals. Keep in mind, making use of this snapshot is optional. If your unit's data is not at a point where the snapshot is useful to you, please disregard it and continue reporting in the working version.
Please note: Planner Submission data will be refreshed with final planner data from the Working version after the budget deadline on 4/5.

DFLs or Local CalPlanning Access Providers: How to make changes to the HCP Planned Home Department
DFLs or Local CalPlanning Access Providers, do you need to make changes to the HCP Planned Home Department (PHD) for employees in your entity? Check out the How to Change the HCP Planned Home Department job aid for information on how to request temporary access to this functionality in HCP and step-by-step instructions on how to make the change.
Current Toolkit Phases
As you move forward with your internal budget development, you will find helpful tools for gathering the information you need in the Budget Process Toolkit. The key tasks for the current phases are:

Budget Process Phase 3: Gather Information
  • Enter FY16 Forecast and FY17 Operating Budget into forms/templates; reference the "gather information" job aid.
  • Fill out templates; you'll find a sample template with instructions in the toolkit.
  • Conduct ad-hoc meetings where your finance team reviews budgets with the budget owners. You'll find a sample agenda in the toolkit.
Budget Process Phase 4: Review and Consolidate
  • Enter data into CalPlanning and make revisions as needed.
  • Run key reports to review your preliminary consolidated budget:
    • HCP001, HCP002, Budget Process reports, BAIRS reports (permanent budget reports),
    • Recharge reports, and any other report relevant to unit operations
  • Review Operating Transfers; you'll find the Operating Transfers Guidelines in the toolkit.
  • Conduct your Pre-Budget meeting, this is when Director/Chairs review budgets with the Finance Team and Budget Owner. You'll find a sample agenda in the toolkit.
  • Discuss shifts and trade-offs; and align resources with strategy. You'll find a job aid on aligning your resources in the toolkit.