Budget Process Weekly Roundup - March 3

March 3, 2017
Divisional Finance Leaders, 
As we discussed at last week's DFL Forum, we've updated the budget process timeline to allow us to complete the small group meetings through next week, as well as to hold a Budget Retreat for senior leaders on March 14. At the retreat, the EVCP will summarize findings from the small group meetings and, with the CFO, present the Deans, Vice Chancellors, and Academic Senate leadership with options for discussion to meet the campus' FY2017-18 deficit reduction goal. Therefore, revised budget process milestones are:

  • March 14:  Budget Retreat
  • Week of March 17 Call Letter released with final divisional budget targets
  • April 7 Form A due, as well as Budget Templates due for DFLs who requested the data entry service
  • May 5: Final budget deliverables due, including budgets, strategic plans, and revenue generation plans 
We urge you to be working on your budget development now, if you're not already. Please do not wait for the release of the Call Letter to begin your work; the letter will clarify your budget target based on decisions from the Budget Retreat, but will not significantly impact your division's strategic priorities.

We appreciate that there are many moving pieces to manage every year during the budget process - you can keep track of all the essentials, including the timeline and resources, on the Office of the CFO budget process website hub at cfo.berkeley.edu/budgetprocess.

Thank you,
Financial Planning & Analysis Team
Office of the CFO