Budget Process Weekly Roundup - March 17

March 17, 2017
Divisional Finance Leaders,

This week's news

Budget process timeline updates
We have updated the timeline to indicate two key updates: the Call Letter will now be released next week and we've added senior leadership budget meetings in mid-May hosted by the Office of the EVCP. The meetings will replace the "budget hearings" we've held in previous years and are for senior leaders to review the final budget deliverables from each division (budgets, strategic plans, and revenue generation plans). The meeting format is still in development, but we'll share additional details about agendas and invitees as they become available. 

Planning recharge rates available
These are the FY2017-18 planning recharge rates you may use when developing your budget. The document includes two tabs: one with a schedule of all campus recharge units by Division/DFL, the other with a schedule of the rates to be used for building your unit's budget. Many thanks to the DFLs and financial analysts in the recharge units for your work to develop and submit recharge self-certifications and proposed rates.

NOTE: These rates are intended for budget planning purposes only and are not necessarily the rates that will ultimately be approved by campus leadership. The Office of the CFO will notify you of the final approved rates for use in FY2017-18 recharge transactions by June 30.

If you have questions, please contact Herve Bruckert, Campus Finance Lead Recharge, at recharge_certification@berkeley.edu or visit the recharge web page at cfo.berkeley.edu/recharge.

Next week's news and beyond

Call Letter next week
The FY2017-18 Call Letter will be released next week. We urge you to be working on your budget development now, though, if you're not already. Please do not wait for the release of the Call Letter to begin your work; the letter will clarify your budget target based on input received over the past several weeks, but will not significantly impact your division's strategic priorities. 

March DFL Forum on 3/30 
Out next DFL Forum is on Thursday, March 30 from 11am-12pm; location TBD. 

Form A and Budget Template via data entry service due 4/7
If you are submitting a Form A and/or have chosen to take advantage of the data entry service to enter your Budget Template data into CalPlanning, completed materials are due by Friday, April 7

Website hub

We appreciate that there are many moving pieces to manage every year during the budget process - you can keep track of all the essentials, including the timeline and resources, on the Office of the CFO budget process website hub at cfo.berkeley.edu/budgetprocess.

Thank you,

Financial Planning & Analysis Team
Office of the CFO