Budget Process Weekly Roundup - February 24

February 24, 2017
Divisional Finance Leaders,

We appreciate that there are many moving pieces to manage every year during the budget process - you can keep track of all the essentials, including the timeline, on the Office of the CFO budget process website hub at cfo.berkeley.edu/budgetprocess.

This week's news

DFL Forum
Thanks again for your participation in yesterday's DFL Forum. We won't be sharing the slides electronically this month, but Interim AVC-HR Jo Mackness' team will be sending you an email shortly outlining the HR planning tools discussed. 

Intersection Detail Reports
Intersection Detail Reports are available on the OCFO Google Drive for campus finance professionals to look up their campus commitments or other campus support that the Financial Planning & Analysis team has seeded into their Forecast and Operating Budget in Cal Plan. The reports show campus commitments only; they do not provide details on other aspects of support that were seeded into Divisional Forecasts/Budgets. 

- Questions: email Elisabeth Remick, Director of Central Resource Management

Next week's news

Revenue Generation Templates due 2/28 for preliminary approval
The intent of this optional workbook is to assist DFLs in determining revenue from new initiatives. The workbook can be used in whole or in part and can be customized to fit your specific needs; please just note and explain changes/additions to enable the approval team to assess the feasibility of your projections.  
  • DFLs of academic units: submit your template to Scott ShiremanChief Operating Officer of University Extension and Director of New Academic Ventures at Berkeley
  • DFLs of administrative units: submit your template to your Vice Chancellor
- More Information: visit the budget process website hub 
- Questions: email Scott Shireman

Thank you,
Financial Planning & Analysis Team
Office of the CFO