Budget Process Template: sign-up by Feb 10

February 7, 2017

It's time to begin letting us know if you'd like to use budget templates for your process this year. If you'd like to opt in, by Friday, February 10 please click here to complete the sign-up sheet. There are two tabs on the sheet:

  • Tab 1:  In the blue shaded columns, indicate whether your division will use the templates for data collection only (Option 1), or will also leverage our data entry service to load your data to CalPlan (Option 2).
  • Tab 2:  In the blue shaded columns, indicate whether you would like additional summary templates generated at the L5 and/or L6 level (L3, L4, and L7 will be automatically generated for every DFL).
After you complete the sign-up sheet, the Office of the CFO will get to work populating your template. You'll receive your template by next Friday, February 17. At that time, we'll provide instructions on accessing the templates via Google Drive. If you've also chosen to submit your templates at the DeptID-L7 level for the data entry service, we'll include instructions for the submission.

As a reminder, you may continue to access the sample template here. Once you access the Google Drive folder, the template sample is the only file in the folder; double click on the file and select the white Google Drive "download" arrow in the upper-right to download the file.

The budget template workgroup welcomes your questions via email at budgettemplate@berkeley.edu.