Budget process materials and work groups released

August 8, 2017
FY2017-18 Budget and Financial Outlook
To support Deans, Vice Chancellors, and Divisional Finance Leaders in sharing FY2017-18 budget and financial information with their divisions, the final materials from the recent budget process are now available. These include the FY2017-18 Budget and Financial Outlook slides, the campus dashboardFAQs, and divisional dashboards. Aside from the FAQs, these documents are stored on the Office of the Vice Chancellor-CFO Google Drive which is accessible only to the campus community. 

Campus DashboardIn order to meet the growing interest in the campus budget and financial decision-making, the Office of the Vice Chancellor-CFO developed a high-level “dashboard” which creates a transparent and easily accessible way to share financial information. It includes an overview of the multi-year deficit reduction plan,  FY2017-18 divisional budget improvement targets, visual summaries of the FY2017-18 campus revenue generation plans, as well as outlines trends in private giving, capital renewal, and headcount. Providing this information allows collaboration, supports financial decision-making, and serves the University’s Operating Principle, “We are accountable to each other.”

Divisional DashboardsEach division developed a customized dashboard in the second month of a six month process to guide discussion during the iterative FY2017-18 budget process. The dashboards include a high-level overview of the division’s strategy, which enables strategy to drive financial decision-making. The divisional dashboards facilitate conversation as divisions review opportunities, discuss strategic trade-offs, and consider multiple revenue sources to support the academic mission. Each division’s priorities may shift as strategies are re-aligned.The targets reflected in the dashboards are original targets, which may be adjusted to account for strategic decisions, operating anomalies, or other changes.